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Victoria Park engagement photography London Ontario

Victoria Park engagement photography London Ontario

Diana and Edwar’s engagement session was one of my favourite winter engagement sessions ever, we had some great sunlight, wonderful iconic Victoria Park engagement photography London Ontario location and of course a very loving engaged couple! As Diana and Edwar hadn’t lived in London for long they asked me for suggestions and we decided on Victoria park because of the variety the park offers in the winter season with the skate rink and paths, as well as being able to skip across to the London Life building and get a bunch of Canadian flags in the background. One of my favourite shots was taken with people in the background which is never usually the case, but this time I did a long exposure to blur them and would title this shot ‘Time stands still when I’m with you’.

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Engagement party photography London Ontario

Engagement Party London Ontario

This was actually my first time photographing an engagement party and what an amazing one it was! We started off with doing a few posed engagement photos for the gorgeous couple and I was really excited to post this blog just to show the variety that I can capture in a short amount of time in one location. We had one very nice shady weeping willow tree and in 12 minutes we captured the first set of images you see here, and more, these were just my favorites! The wonderful decor was by the wonderful Elena of Lavish Events by Design – Wedding Decorator and I loved capturing all of the candids including the ring blessing ceremony, cutting the cake and all the wonderful dancing. We took many posed photographs of the newly engaged couple with their friends and family and I just love the shot of them where she is leaning on his shoulder towards the end of the day, they’re over the posed photos but you can still see the love and happiness between them. We then took a few more shots of the two of them with the gorgeous golden light. I would love to photograph more events around the wedding like engagement parties, stag and doe, showers etc so get in contact! Discounts apply if you book your wedding photography with me 🙂

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Proposal Photography Niagara Falls

Yahoo my first ever proposal shoot! I have been advertising and telling everyone I know all year that I want to photograph the real moment of the proposal and I was over the moon when Maurice, the lovely gentleman you see here, contacted me a few months back. We started planning the proposal photography and as I had done their family photos many times before I knew I was going to have to be sneaky/very inconspicuous about it. We arranged a meeting spot and I sat and waited in a bus stop so as to not be recognized. As I was waiting there for awhile on a very hot day I started chatting to a few people and they decided they were going to be my cover, so that when he gave me the thumbs up that he was ready they walked with me and from just across the street I managed to capture the moment for this lovely couple. We then had fun taking a few more shots around the Niagara Falls area.

Like anything that you are doing for the first time I learnt a lot that I will change and improve on for in the future. Looking forward to the next proposal and hopefully their wedding 🙂

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Destination Wedding Photography

I am quite often asked about what I charge for a Destination wedding so I decided with my aim of making my new website as helpful as possible that I would write a blog explaining how much I would love to capture your destination wedding and how it all works. Continue reading »

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Pregnancy announcement photography

Back in winter my friend Nicole who runs Body Design Fitness let me in on a secret. We planned and disguised the shoot as a re-do of their engagement session. It was an extremely cold day but I think the excitement of what was to come kept spirits up! After a few of the engagement/family type photos, I gave them each a piece of paper and asked them to write something sweet to each other. They turned their backs to each other and I just love the shot of Nicole with ‘I’m pregnant’ sign as she looks so excited! The series of shots showing the excited turn around, his glance down and then the realization and happiness that followed were all so great for me to capture, certainly this is one of the most important things you’ll ever tell your partner and capturing it in this way to be able to show your child in the future is such an amazing idea and I’m so glad to be able to have been part of it.

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Western University Engagement Photography

Western is one of my favourite locations in London, ON for engagement photography sessions, especially when one of both of them went to school here! We had some nice warm weather and it was a breeze photographing this lovely couple, I especially love the ones where I captured them laughing together :)


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Engagement Photography St Marys Ontario

This was my first engagement session in St Mary’s and we used a location that meant something to the couple, but that also a spot just calling out for photographs to be taken at with the waterfalls, beautiful trees and bridge. Jenna & Tyler’s engagement session started with some shots of the family including fur babies and then some special shots just of the gorgeous couple.

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Joe Kools and Coldstream conservation Engagement Photography London Ontario

Starting the engagement session at Joe Kools in downtown London Ontario where the couple met was a lot of fun and one of the shots here was actually taken exactly where they first met! I then travelled to Coldstream Conservation with these gorgeous blue eyed Blue Jays fans and stopped along the way when we saw a briliant backdrop in the rear-vision mirror. That chance shot with the rustic red barn happened to be accepted into the bride.ca engagement photography competition. The sunset at Coldstream provided us with some lovely golden light!


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Vintage themed Engagement Photography- Downtown London Ontario

I love everything vintage and when Melinda mentioned she wanted to incorporate her grandmas suitcase we decided to go with the vintage theme and I thought of a few fun locations in downtown London, Ontario including city books and outside the old court house.

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Coldstream engagement photography, Komoka Ontario

What happens if you run out of time to do your engagement session before the wedding? We do it afterwards! You saw their wedding at the beginning of the week, but a couple of weeks after the wedding I met up with Lisa, Fletcher, their gorgeous daughter and doggies at Coldstream Conservation for their engagement session. Like I’ve mentioned a hundred times before I love it when the location means something to the couple and this is where Fletcher proposed! We had some gorgeous weather, were eaten alive by mosquitos but it was worth it to be able to capture these loving photos of them!

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