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Proposal Photography London Ontario

For years I have been advertising to capture the real moment of the proposal, and I was so happy when I was contacted by Mina who was planning to propose to his girlfriend Anna-Maria at the same place they met a year ago, Oakwood Resort in Grand Bend. Mina┬áprinted many photographs of all of the great times they have spent together and had help from the wonderful Oakwood staff to set up the beautiful Terrace room the night before. I arrived and photographed all of the details while the oakwood staff lit and kept an eye on all of the candles which, along with the rose petals made a walkway going past all of their memories. Mina had told me that she would be very surprised as the back story was that they were going to look at the room which they had hired for an event as it was said to have had flood damage. When she walked in the door I was so happy to capture her surprise and all of the sweet moments of them looking at the photographs together. At the end of the photographs were the words ‘will you marry me?’ and as she read the words he got down on one knee and popped the question which was then followed by him putting the amazing bling on her finger (seriously you HAVE to check out those rings!). I loved watching her put it all together with that her mom had asked her what she was going to wear that day and that her sister had done her nails the day before. They celebrated with a big glass of wine and we headed outside for some ‘Just engaged’ shots. I loved hearing how she excitedly said ‘we’re engaged!’ and ‘I can’t believe it’ the whole time we were taking the photos, seriously so sweet!

If you know of anyone about to pop the questions either in an elaborate surprise like this or in a small moment, I would love to capture this amazing moment and willing to work out a great value way to do this for you!

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