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2012 Roundup: Wedding Photography

This year I have been fortunate enough to photograph weddings on 3 continents, every wedding completely different but one thing staying the same, celebrating the love that two people share which can bring families together, even if they are countries apart. This blog is my roundup of my favourite images from this year, as well as something I’ve never shown online before but that I can put together for my clients, a slideshow to their wedding music. I feel so lucky to have been invited along to each of these celebrations to capture the moments to enjoy for many years to come! If you are interested in booking a wedding wherever in the world you may be please contact me here.

Joshua and Kristine, Halifax, NS, Canada

Topher and Rae, Peggys Cove, NS, Canada

Angella and Ahmed, Dartmouth, NS, Canada

Heather and Taylor, Lambeth, ON, Canada

Michelle and Geoff, Central Coast, NSW, Australia

Leanne and Richie, Kent, England

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Tis’ the season, to get engaged.

Well folks this will be my last post before Christmas so first of all I would love to wish a very Merry Christmas to you and your family! As I’m sure you know, December is the month with the highest amount of engagements. Even just this morning I had that little notification come up on the side of facebook saying (one of my friends from when I did Contiki 4 years ago) got engaged to (Man who proves my point about December). 
I thought therefore my next roundup blog for 2012 had to be engagements! I’ve had the opportunity this year to photograph five lovely engaged couples across the county and I hope now that I know I will be living in the one place (London, On) for a few years I will be able to book more weddings and engagements so I can share these lovely experiences with couples like this! As a special congratulations to all couples engaged in December and would like to do a shoot in London, Contact me and you will get 50% off the regular price of an engagement shoot!

Jessie and Mark, London, Ontario

Angella and Ahmed, Halifax, Nova Scotia

Heather and Taylor, London, Ontario

Loey and Joey, London, Ontario

Rae and Topher, Halifax, Nova Scotia

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Swallow and Twig nautical shoot

You may remember the name Swallow and Twig from my last shoot with the Halifax artist and Jewellery designer which was shot in the Public Gardens just over a year ago. That shoot was heavily inspired by the jewellery, which included some designs which reminded me of the movie UP! Similarly this shoot was heavily inspired by the jewellery, this time mainly consisting of nautical themed pieces from her Nautical 2012 series,  including- Aquatic, Sailor Jerry and Marina. We headed to my favourite harbour-side location in the eastern passage at Fishermans Cove at sunset and then when we lost light I finished up a few of the pieces the next day picking berries. If you’re thinking about starting Christmas shopping (It’s my birthday tomorrow so that means it is 8 weeks until Christmas) I’d highly recommend getting in early and making an order with Mary to custom make you a piece of her wearable art. 
Big thankyou to my models Zach, Aiden, Steph, Laura and Cameron. 

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Models Brianna and Robynn for Atlantic Art Couture

 This summer I was lucky enough to be asked again by east coast Jewellery designer Jessie of Atlantic Art Couture to photograph her new line of jewellery which I got a strong woodland feel from. I adore all things with antlers and also a good walk in the woods so I knew that we could put our heads together and come up with a great idea for a shoot! I got together with the beautiful Brianna and Robynn and went for a walk through Point Pleasant Park in Halifax and had fun shooting with a cool vintage typewriter I picked up, vintage camera I was given, with some cars that just happened to be there and of course the gorgeous jewellery!

How could we just walk past this car! The owner was even so accommodating as to move it to a different space in the car park so that we had a better backdrop!
I had to have this terrarium ring with the Effiel tower in it and on my trip last month took a couple of shots with it from the top of the tower and with the real tower itself! 

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15 best men and a belly dancer

Angela and Ahmed’s big day was a little different to others I have shot in the past as they had already had their ceremony prior to their big day in August. That meant that it was all a lot more relaxed and other than everything running a bit behind meaning that we didn’t have time to go to the location we had thought of going to for the photos, everything went very smoothly and relaxed. I love being free to use my photo-jouralistic style to capture the moments and I think with all the gorgeous kids, big personalities and amazing music and dancing I was able to capture some memories to last a lifetime. It also put a huge smile on my face when I walked in and saw the candy bar, it was a huge hit, but also because the couple had printed and framed a bunch of photos from their engagement session to use as favors for the guests.

*I am now living in London, Ontario but I travel regularly to Halifax for Wedding Photography.

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Bachelorette Photography

After only recently attending my first bachelorette (Aussie’s call them hen’s nights) as a guest I thought I’d post these photos I took for Ella’s Bachelorette around a month ago when I was still in Halifax. I think this was my first time as a surprise photographer and it was great fun walking around Point Pleasant with the girls at the start of their big night!

Now offering Bachelorette Photography in London, Ontario.

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Topher and Rae’s Wedding at Peggy’s Cove

This post is probably the hardest I’ve ever had to do, simply because of the amount of photos that I simply loved and wanted to include. Cutting it down to below 20 (what I always try to do) just simply wan’t possible in this case. Topher and Rae are an inspiring couple, from different places and brought together in Halifax. They met and married within a year and I am so happy to have been asked to photograph their very special day with their intimate ceremony. These two were just meant to be together, everything from Topher’s guitar playing matching to Rae’s beautiful voice and their awesome sense of style. 
Vintage Dress: Princess Toadie
Crinoline: ReSashay (Vintage Crinoline) 
Feathers & Tulle for Headpiece (Made by Rae)
Vintage Suit & Shirt: Thrifted from Value Village
Bow tie & Pocket Square: Made by Rae
Aprons made by their dear friend Maria Bogorode
Tables & Chairs: Thrifted and Refinished by Topher and Rae
Decor, China, Teacups, Vases, Silverware, Etc. : Thrifted Value Village, Salvation Army, & Yard Sales
Flowers (Arranged by Rae and her Mom): Fresh & Some Dried Lavender Bought from Seafoam Lavender  (Have a storefront in Halifax Market) 
Dried Lavender & Buds for tossing 
Cake: Scanway
Celebrant: Wynne Jordan from Universalist Unitarian Church of Halifax 
Wine: Topher’s Parents had the wine made and personalised in Ontario.


Congrats you got to the end! Can’t get enough of Topher and Rae? Here’s their engagement session at the Public Gardens.

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Davis Designs

This shoot made me feel an overwhelming sense of Girl Power. 
First off is Nicole, you might recognise her from the blog I posted on Monday about her lovely jewellery. These images were made to promote her Davis Designs line of upscale or costume jewellery. She is such a creative and talented person and cares about the environment enough to up-cycle old plastic into awesome art you can wear! 
Lee is Nicole’s best friend and made a new and improved way to make water taste better and be better for you and the environment! Little tea bag-like filters which do something similar to what Britta Filers do but you can use them in your existing bottle and save the plastic! It blew my mind to know someone so young has made such an awesome thing. 
Raina is a Mermaid. She uses her teaching background and amazing breath holding skills to teach children the importance of looking after our environment at birthday parties and fundraisers. She is a very inspirational woman to have overcome everything that life throws at her and we all loved to be able to say ‘There’s a mermaid in the basement’!
And last but not least, Bryana Doyscher is an amazing make-up artist and even from just from something simply described by us went over and above our expectations. 

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Fan-Plastic Eco Accessories

The extremely talented Nicole of Fan-Plastic Eco Accessories and Davis Designs (See follow-up blog post on Thursday) and I got together for a shoot to get some shots of her wonderful jewellery made from recycled plastics like laundry detergent bottles! I love the amazing colours that she gets out of the plastic which comes of course with a lot of creativity and patience. I still remember the burns I got from the jewellery class I took at NSCAD, so always have a ton of respect for jewellery artists!
All of these designs are available in her Etsy shop and you can follow her on facebook!

Makeup Artist: Bryana Doyscher
Models: Manon and Nicole (designer)

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Bedford Boy and Georgia Girl

I feel like every time I do a wedding post I say around about the same thing, how great the couple is together, how great it was to be their photographer and how lovely it was to be welcomed in by their friends and family. This was all the same for Joshua and Kristine’s wedding in July, but also so much more. 
They are not only great together but I can totally relate to their relationship, being from another part of the globe and meeting a boy from the east coast of Canada. It was not just great to be their photographer but it was also somewhat of an aha! moment with being able to capture some shots that I’m very proud of especially the ‘dip’ shot from the end of their first dance, which only lasted for half a second and I’m sure no-one else would have captured. And finally, I felt so welcomed in by their friends and family that I even went against my ‘no alcohol while shooting weddings’ rule to try a glass of the Georgian wine that Kristine’s father thrust into my hand. And oh my, the cake. It’s making my mouth water thinking of it. 
Cake: Denice Macdonald of Piper Cakes


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