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Swallow and Twig nautical shoot

You may remember the name Swallow and Twig from my last shoot with the Halifax artist and Jewellery designer which was shot in the Public Gardens just over a year ago. That shoot was heavily inspired by the jewellery, which included some designs which reminded me of the movie UP! Similarly this shoot was heavily inspired by the jewellery, this time mainly consisting of nautical themed pieces from her Nautical 2012 series,  including- Aquatic, Sailor Jerry and Marina. We headed to my favourite harbour-side location in the eastern passage at Fishermans Cove at sunset and then when we lost light I finished up a few of the pieces the next day picking berries. If you’re thinking about starting Christmas shopping (It’s my birthday tomorrow so that means it is 8 weeks until Christmas) I’d highly recommend getting in early and making an order with Mary to custom make you a piece of her wearable art. 
Big thankyou to my models Zach, Aiden, Steph, Laura and Cameron. 

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Vincenzo and Laura for Swallow and Twig

As soon as I saw the collection by Mary from Swallow and Twig it made me think of the movie ‘UP’ and so we rolled with that theme for the product shots of her beautiful hand painted and resin set jewellery. We shot in iconic Halifax locations of the Public Gardens and on Citadel Hill and one of my favourite moments was right at the end of the shoot when I gave the balloons we had been using to a little girl. I strongly suggest you go and check out the Etsy page of Swallow and Twig as they have a sale on at the moment and I just can’t say enough good things about the little pieces of art!

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Etsy Photography Trade

So I’m not the best Etsy-ier. I have to admit it, I got really excited at around Christmas and decided I would put up a bunch of prints to sell and make some earrings, I loved taking the photos of the earrings but after only one sale I kind of gave up, I didn’t keep posting new things and my shop slowly dwindled away. I was at a party last week and I was talking to someone about photography and Etsy, and suggested that I contact some Etsy sellers to see if they were interested in doing a trade.

I honestly couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner! Image is everything on Etsy! And were always told that to have professional images of your Etsy products will boost your sales, that products will sell better when they are shown being used and photographed by a professional.
So Etsy sellers, or any other designers for that matter, what I would like to do is offer photography services of a range of your products in exchange to add a couple of your products to my prop collection. Its a win win situation for both parties. I will photograph at least 5 images of each item.
This can be for anything, think outside the box, everything from newborn hats to Jewelry for adults, clothing for children, cool home goods I can use as props or for stylized shoots, etc. If you are interested, all you need to do is send me the link to your shop (or if you are not open yet, tell me about it and what you are selling) in an email to erinwoodgatesphotography@hotmail.com
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The best of the best?

I just had some good news! I will be exhibiting at the car free festival this Saturday in London (Ontario) and I’m going to show only analogue photos.. What to show though? I need your help! My contact with the festival said he liked my Chicago Holga pics, So i’m thinking those for sure. I was also thinking of showing my Fall/Winter/Spring impossible works, but I would have to find a suitable frame and then I’m not sure how much sun would be around (sun fades the impossible film) or if I go through all of my Lomography photos and find the ones that I think would be the most pleasing to other people- the ones I treasure are usually something personal that usually other people wouldn’t get. I’ve highlighted some of my faves in my Lomography Facebook album so if you’re in the mood for looking through eclectic photographs from London to London through a plastic lens (I think I just accidently found my exhibition title) then please, go to the album and tell me which ones to include! Here are some of the possible ones I will be printing.

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Ladies of Polaroid competition

Today I am kicking off the competition I am running for High School seniors/graduates! All you need to do is ‘Like’ my facebook page and help me decide which ‘Before and After‘ Polaroid photo is the best by ‘liking’ the photos you like most, and you will be in the running to win a FREE seniors session! Ends May 30th! I will be entering the winning photo into the Ladies of Polaroid competition.

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Window Shopping

Another series that I developed along the way while traveling was of shop windows. There were a few reasons I think which drew me to taking photos of them. As a hostel dwelling traveller taking photos of some of the interesting (and in most cases expensive and impractical to carry with you) products in shop front windows is as close as I was ever going to get to them. Also in most cases told a story of where or when you were looking at them, either in the display or in the reflection of the window. I did a series around a year ago which was all about “Double takes” and had one of these natural double exposures included in it.

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Memory Mondays Week 13

Vinyl records, bus transfers, random laundry socks and Ja Rule.
What do these things have in common? The story starts a few years ago.

During the first year at art school you are made to do a course from all of the different disiplines (2d, 3d and Photography) and it was during that time that I discovered that I really liked 3d fiber art, I especially liked bringing different techniques together to make something new out of something old. For the 9 months that I was living in Halifax I found unwanted or discarded objects on the ground and kept them, brought them together and made something new out of it.

The first piece titled ‘transfer’ I made was of all of the bus transfers I had collected, stuck them to some board and wrapped it around a telegraph pole near a bus stop. The second piece (which I unfortunately do not have photographs of) titled ‘socks socks socks socks socks socks’ was of all of the random socks that had ended up in my laundry or that had been left behind in the laundry room of our apartment building and that piece was placed in the laundry room itself. The third piece titled ‘Lost and found’ was of all of the random peices I had found and collated together by color or theme and glued them to a huge canvas and placed in on one of the main roads.

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Ballin’ Berlin

Ballin’ I know, I hate that word too but there is a serious lack of words in the English language at least which describe how awesome Berlin is. The city where anybody who’s anybody in the creative world wants to live at some stage this city and the stories and history that it has just needs to be seen. I was there for only 2 short days but man did I walk my butt off to get to see everything I could while I was there.

I have a lot of photos in this post so I wont talk for too long but I did a Sandemans free walking tour here also and we got to see a load of different historical sites and he pointed us in the way of many of the museums and galleries that were there. What amazed me was knowing how much of the city was completely bombed in the war and has been rebuilt basically from the ground up. We saw everything from the book burning site to where Hitlers bunker was- nothing more than a car park with a bit of a green patch – see the photo of the Aussie flag shoes, that is someone from my tour standing on it. The second day I did a street art tour with the same company which was pretty awesome seeing all the ‘underground’ places I know I wouldn’t see otherwise. I stayed at The Grand Hostel Berlin and it was the best hostel I stayed in for my whole trip.

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Memory Mondays Week 7

As today is what the Ontarian’s call ‘Family Day’ which is a nice excuse for a public holiday and so I thought I would make a post something to do with family. While I was in England over the summer I picked up a book called ‘From you to me Grandma‘ and I gave it to my Nana Kath for her 91st birthday. As she lived in England and I lived in Australia we only really saw each other on the visit Mum and Dad took me on when I was 18months old, which obviously I don’t remember and the two times she came out to Australia So I didn’t really get to know her as well as what I did my Nana on my Mum’s side. That is why I thought this book would be great, I knew she didn’t like to write so I went round to her small apartment one rainy day, cupcakes in hand, and sat filling out the book with her. It really dawned on me then how much more a person who is as old as she is has to say, all the things they’ve seen and been through. At times with some of the questions she didn’t want to answer because ‘You should only talk about the good times shouldn’t you’. She pulled out a bunch of mum and dads wedding photos and said how beautiful mum was and leanne (my cousins girlfriend) kept saying doesn’t Erin look like her mum, she didn’t get it. was funny. She also pulled out some photos of one of her dogs and some paintings that my Grandad Douglas did.

The newest addition to her teddy bear collection

Her rockin 70’s dining table with bright orange chairs.

Here are the questions that are in the book. I highly suggest doing a book like this wit your loved ones for generations to come to enjoy.

tell me about the time and place you were born

what are your earliest memories

i’d like to know about your parents.. names, dates of birth and tell me some stories about them..

tell me about your mothers parents and family

tell me what you know about your fathers parents and family..

please detail what you know of our family tree

what interesting information do you know about other people in our family

heres some space for you to add more about our family that will interest generations to come..

what do you remember about the places you lived when you were a child

what were your favourite childhood toys or games

what sort of pets did you have when you were young and what were thier names

what do you remember about holidays you took as a child

what did you do for entertainment when you were young

what did you study at school and what were you best at?

tell me about the things you did as a child that are different for todays children

what did you wnat to be when you grew up

what were your favourite hobbies when you were young

did you have an idol when you were young? tell me who and why..

what was the first piece of music you bought

what chores had to be done when you were young that aren’t needed to be done today?

describe any family traditions that you have or maybe still have

what age were you when you started work tell me about the jobs you have had

how did you meet my grandfather

what would you do for a night out when you were dating

tell me about a special peice of music that you and my grandfather had just for you

describe your wedding

choosing the names of your children can be difficult how did you decide

i would love to know more about my parents what can you tell me

tell me about what my dad was like when they was younger

how did you feel when you were told you were going to be a grandparent

what did you think when you first saw me after i was born

can you see any characteristics in me that come from other people in our family

in what ways am i similar or different to dad/ mum

describe some of your favourite memories of the times we have spent together

describe what you like about me

is there anything you would like to change about me

tell me about the friends you have had in your life

what peice/s of music would you choose in your own favourite top 10

tell me about the furthest place you have travelled to

what are the happiest or greatest memories of your life

what are a few of your favourite things?

describe your memory of some major world events that have happened in your lifetime

describe the greatest change that you have seen in your lifetime so far

do you think life today is better or worse than when you were young? how is it different?

who or what has been the greatest influence on you?

if you were an animal.. what type of animal would you be and why?

if you won the lottery.. what would you do with the money

what have you found most difficult in your life

what is the biggest regret in you life? can you do anything about it now?

tell me about the things that have made you happy or laugh

with hindsight what would you do differently

describe something you still want to achieve in your life

tell me something you think i wont know about you

what would you like your epitaph to say

given your experiences what advice would you like to offer me

and now your chance to tell me some other personal stories that you want to share

these extra pages are for us to write any questions, memories or answers that may not have been covered elsewhere in the book

for the final record

full name

maiden name


colour of eyes

how tall

blood group

what date completed

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Italia edition Day trips from Venice

Some people might think it a little odd to make Venice a hop off spot to other places because of how expensive it is but when you’ve been traveling as long as I have, knowing that you only have to take your luggage up and back down 3 flights of stairs once rather than doing it a few times it is definitely worth it. Plus, when you walk out of your front door there is the Grand Canal, how much better can it get?

On the train we hopped and although the temperature outside has you wishing you were inside, the temperature inside those freezing trains gets you wishing you had a coat! It is alot further away than expected on the slow trains, you can pay more and go on a fast train if thats what you prefer though.
Upon getting there and making our way to the tourist office, we picked up a map informing us where Juliet’s house, Romeo’s house etc are. It’s weird that a place that has been immortalized by Shakespeare now has tourist attractions to places that were never owned by the fictional characters. But being the hopeless romantic that I am, it’s nice nonetheless. I particularly enjoyed all of the graffiti on the walls going through to the courtyard where the statue of Juliet is where once you’ve clambered up onto her pedestal and grabbed her right breast you are meant to get good luck in love so it has the thousands doing it. It was there that I had the moment of wishing I knew the language so much it hurt when an old lady got herself up there, not for someone waiting for a camera to take a shot of here but to give the statue some love,instead of just grabbing her breast she rubbed her face, her neck, her hand. Then when she got down and came back over to the front of the crowd waiting their turn tojump up she said a bunch of words in Italian that I SO wish I could have understood.
Verona isn’t just about Shakesphere though, it also has some amazing grave sites, the most complete roman colosseum anywhere and a bustling marketplace.
Burano and Murano
The Lace making and the glass making islands of Italy. Many people buy what they are lead to believe is real Murano glass while they are in Venice in the tourist shops but by coming here you know you’re getting the real deal. You can find glass blowers doing thier work and sit and watch if you like, there is a glass museum (which I was told by the person on the front desk of the museum that it wasn’t worth the admission fee), and plenty of pretty little streets and laneways.
A short boat ride from there gets you to Burano which is famous for it’s lace-making. I had an overwhelming feeling of deja vu while I was there and I think it was probably because of a mix of recollections of lacy little dresses from when I was a child, doilies that clutter up the houses I grew up in and the crochet that my Nana would do around the outside of face washers and hand towels.
The brightly coloured buildings are a picture postcard waiting to happen and of all the places that I travelled over the summer this was the place that I could see myself living, isolated and making mounds of artwork until my need for processed foods tore me away. It was definitely worth the trip.
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