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Bucket List 2017

I’m feeling more inspired than ever after attending the WPPI photography conference in Las Vegas this month and after watching countless online webinars. I’ve decided to put out into the universe my bucket list of shoots I want to do this year both here in London, Ontario and Internationally.

  1.  Photograph a wedding in the UK/Ireland/Europe. I really want to finish travelling in Europe and would love to photograph a wedding there. The off season here is Nov-April and so I’m hoping for anytime in there and I would be happy to work within budgets for the great couples/right locations. Here are some shots from the last wedding I photographed in that neck of the woods 5 years ago now! Wedding Photography Kent England-

    2. I would like to photograph more adult cake smashes. These sessions are perfect for 19th, 21st, 30th, 40th, 50th etc birthdays and if a 100yo was willing to do one I would be willing to do it for free! With these sessions you get to have some ‘regular portraits’ whether that be some business headshots, beauty shots, family, couple, pet etc, then we can come up with a theme based around your interests. It’s my 30th Birthday this year (you can see a pic below taken by my associate photographer Clara, on my 28th birthday) so to celebrate every adult cake smash will receive a free 8×10 cake smash collage print.
    adult cake smash

3. Along with wanting to finish travelling in Europe, I have never travelled to the west coast of Canada so would love to photograph a wedding or elopement out in all of the gorgeous landscapes I’ve only had the pleasure of seeing in photographs. Again, I would be happy to work make a custom package for a great couple 🙂

4. I would love to photograph a pregnant pin up shoot. I think the pin up sessions are so much fun and would love to capture a lovely pregnant mom with full vintage style pin up hair and makeup. I’d be more than happy to work with you on themes that would work to your tastes and click for more info on the Pin Up Photography London Ontario.

pin up photography

5. Engagement or family session for big fans of Harry Potter in Goderich this fall. I grew up reading Harry Potter and I know that there are some big Harry Potter fans here in South Western Ontario, so I would love to photograph a session in Goderich when the festival is on. I wasn’t able to get tickets but I will be on the lookout for them and I’m sure that some of the surrounding area will get into the spirit and will make for a great backdrop.

6. Engagement session at the Western Fair at sunset/night. Below you can see the last session I photographed there, 4 years ago this year! I would love to have some fun there again using my new equipment and knowledge.

7.  Forrats chocolate fondu engagement/ couple/ anniversary session. If you’re a chocoholic like me and haven’t had the pleasure of visiting Forrats in Byron yet, I highly recommend you do and I would love to capture some sweet love while you enjoy a date night (and maybe start across the road for some photographs at Springbank Park as well, for variety.)

8. London to London family/ engagement/ couple/ anniversary session. I have had this idea since moving to ‘Little London’ and would like to find the right people who either have a love of ‘Big London’ or are from England, or some kind of ties to both. The session would take us to a bunch of the London locations such as the double decker bus for Ice Cream and we might end up at a pub, with many other stops in between.

9. Trash the Prom or Bridesmaid Dress group session Do you and your friends still have your prom dresses laying around gathering dust? Maybe that has been awhile but you have bridesmaids dresses that you thought you might wear again but haven’t. I think it would make for such a fun shoot to get together with a bunch of your friends, maybe pamper yourself beforehand with getting hair and makeup, then have fun doing a friends shoot, but getting edgier with with in a fun location and possibly even trashing the dresses in the water, mud, snow or with paint or glitter!

10. Australia I would love to get home in Australian summer 2017/18 or 2018/19 so would love to book a wedding to photograph while I’m there with the exchange rate being right around even my rates are very affordable by Aussie standards.

Central Coast NSW Wedding Photographer


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Best of 2016: Trash the dress

London Ontario Trash The Dress Photographer

Below you will see some of my favourite images captured in 2016 of Trash the Dress sessions. I only had the chance to photograph three trash the dress/rock the dress sessions in 2016, one with the paint was at the photography conference I went to in St Louis and two at the Rock Glen falls in Arkona, which to my knowledge are the closest pretty falls to London. There are a bunch of reasons why I think doing a Trash the Dress session are a great idea, but I know they aren’t for everyone.

With these sessions safety is the most important thing to me and I always make sure my clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the shoot- although if you’ve chosen to do a shoot in the cold water, I can’t help the temperature but we can be quick about getting the shots we need. I always ask how adventurous you feel like getting- everything from throwing paint on it and ripping it to being able to get the dress dry cleaned after to be able to treasure.

To kick off the new year I thought I would put together a series of blogs showing some of my favourite photos I captured in 2016. You can catch up on the previous posts below-

Best of 2016: Mini sessions
Best of 2016: Business Headshots and Model Portfolios
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Best of 2016: Cake Smash Photography
Best of 2016: Family Photography
Best of 2016: Boudoir Photography
Best of 2016: Pin Up Photography
Best of 2016: Engagement Photography
Best of 2016: Wedding Photography
Best of 2016: Candid Wedding Moments
Best of 2016: Wedding Parties


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Trash the Dress photographer London Ontario

Trash the Dress photographer London Ontario

You saw their wedding photography in my last post, and now here is Kendra & Casey’s Trash the Dress photoshoot which was photographed at the Rock Glen falls in Arkona, which to my knowledge are the closest pretty falls to London. Like for their big day they incorporated their gorgeous pup into their session and it was a lot of fun to be able to interact with the furry member of the family in a dress, in the water! It hadn’t rained much before our session so the water was quite slow moving- with these sessions safety is the most important thing to me and I always make sure my clients feel safe and comfortable throughout the shoot- although if you’ve chosen to do a shoot in the cold water, I can’t help the temperature but we can be quick about getting the shots we need. I always ask how adventurous you feel like getting- everything from this where Kendra was able to get the dress dry cleaned after and it was absolutely fine to fully trashing it with ripping, paint etc.

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Trash the dress London Ontario

Trash the dress London Ontario

Amy was the winner last year of a Trash the Dress London Ontario competition, we have worked together with the Whoa Mama business she runs with other local mama Nicolle and it was nice to get to do something creative and fun. The gorgeous hair and makeup was done by Beauty By Mallory and we took the opportunity to do some product shots of a grey crochet shawl (perfect for winter weddings) which was made by Simply Adorable Crochet. Port Stanley’s little beach was the perfect location for this trash the dress shoot. We then captured the sun setting with some shots on the sand, with me wading out into the water to get the shot. Then ventured to the field where I really like the shot with the birds flying in the air. Out to the rock wall and as I was trying to so a long exposure to get the water to go all milky, I had my camera on a tripod and when I moved to adjust one of my flashes, the wind caught the tripod and the camera went smashing down the rocks on the tripod towards the water. Luckily no waves came at that time and I was able to grab a leg of the tripod and pull it back up. Heart attack. I thought the whole thing was surely broken but ended up the lens hood mostly saved it and there has just been a broken piece of plastic on the lens. I kept my cool (but not quite as much as if it had been with a first time client) and went on with the shoot. We got some playing with the water shots (and it was almost completely dark by this point) but loved the full moon glistening off of the water in the last shot.

Many people say to me that they would like to do a trash the dress shoot but wouldn’t want to ruin their dress (even though it has been sitting in the closet without having been dry cleaned for years). Amy just took her dress home, rinsed out the sand and put it inside out on a gentle wash in the washing machine and it was absolutely fine! There certainly are destructive ways of doing trash the dress (paint, ripping, fire) and non-destructive ways (water, mud, grungy location like with graffiti) you just need to do what works for you.

I have a special offer that if you book your trash the dress session in April, for anytime before the end of July, you get the hour session and 20 images of your choice for just $200+hst (regularly $275+hst)! So contact me now!

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