Trash the dress

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Trash the dress Photography London Ontario



This type of session has a variety of names and can be done for a variety of reasons. It may be Trash the Dress, Rock the Dress or Fearless Bridal.  It could betrash+the+dress+london+ontario-37 prompted by a special occasion like an anniversary, a gift for your partner or just for fun!
Sometimes people ask me why anyone would want to do that to one of the most expensive dress they have likely ever bought. Some people have specific plans for the dress after the wedding. You might want to box it up and keep it as an heirloom, or sell it. However if you don’t have plans, it will likely sit in the closet taking up space.  So in my opinion, why not feel like a princess again and have some fun stress free photos taken with your partner and create a new memory to treasure.
These sessions can involve really “trashing” the dress or can be more of a “Bridal” shot with just some pretty photos of you in your wedding dress.  You might want to do something a little sexier/edgier than you did on your wedding day or in a different location than you were able to do on your wedding day. You might want to incorporate some props or use a vivid background such as graffiti. You can throw things like mud or paint or go in the mud/water wearing the dress…the possibilities are endless for both destructive and non destructive trash the dress sessions.  Here are a few things to keep in mind to make your session a success.


Selecting a location for a trash the dress session will depend on the theme you choose to go with, but typically are done as an On Location shoot. We have shot trash the dress sessions at a park in winter with brightly coloured paint, downtown around the couples fall anniversary using graffiti and even at a waterfall using a sexy twist.

Time of day

The location will somewhat determine what time of the day is best but in general doing the session just before sunset has the nice light that won’t have you squinting and can make for a romantic feeling in the photographs.

Hair and Makeup

Usually we cannot stress enough the importance of having a high quality hair and makeup artist for your session, but for this type of session it depends on the theme and location of the shoot. For example, if you want the portraits to have a very casual “you” feeling to them maybe simply doing the makeup yourself is a good idea, whereas if you are going for an edgier look getting a makeup artist to do a really sexy look might work better.


The main article of clothing is obviously the dress, but think about some fun accessories; something that you love that might look totally out of place on your wedding day, but look awesome in this shoot!  Wearing different, funky shoes can be a great idea. If your partner is going to be in the session with you, a button down shirt and dressy jeans or pants is suggested.


Most of the time if a prop is being used in a trash the dress session, it is something relating to the interests of you or your partner. For example, if you are a baker bring a tray of cupcakes and a cute apron to put over the dress or bring your partners musical instrument. If a theme, such as a sport, is being incorporated into the session bring the equipment that will really help make the theme apparent in the photos.

What to do with the images

Now, you’ve had this fun experience and have a bunch of images that you love, you don’t want these images looked at once digitally and then buried under the mountain of food and pet pics! Make a print on canvas, metal, wood or metallic paper for something really special!

Other tips

  • If you don’t have your own dress that you want to trash, we have one that can be used. If you want a certain style, we suggest you look on sites such as Kijiji for an inexpensive dress.
  • Eat before your session so that you have the energy to be able to smile with your eyes and show off your wonderful personality
  • If you are doing something where you will get wet/dirty and are on public property without the use of bathrooms or changing rooms, wear something under your dress that you don’t mind the world seeing.  Don’t forget to bring along some towels and a bag to carry the wet/dirty garments!


Trash the dress pricing starts at $150+hst

Special Trash the dress package
Professional hair and Makeup
1 hour session
On location session with consultations on prop/theme styling
All edited high resolution images
16x20” metallic print