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Adult Cake Smash London Ontario, Canada

Adult Cake Smash London Ontario, Canada

I was inspired to write this blog last week when I replied to a post on one of the local facebook buy and sell sites. The post was looking for a present for a 25 year old who has everything. You know what I can almost guarantee no-one you know has? An adult cake smash! It is the perfect present for 19th/21st/30th birthdays and everything in between and beyond. Imagine a 90yo cake smash, that would be adorable!

The story of these images goes that I was tagged by one of my clients in Shannon Squires Adult Cake Smash session and it happened to be just a bit over a week before my birthday. If you know me at all, you know that I am a huge cupcake fan (even going as far as to get a tattoo of one) so it goes without saying that her photos inspired me to quickly put together a cake smash of my own! The photographs were taken by my second photographer Clara, the cute (and delicious) cake was from Zandy Cakes, the Tutu from Little Pumpkin, 28th birthday shirt from Livy bean, Nails by Gelous Beauty Bar and I brought along the suitcases, cake stand and cupcake party hat (which was actually a present from my best friend from a few years back) from my prop collection.

So you’re thinking, that looks like so much fun! I want to do that for my next birthday! Awesome, treat yo self and lets book it now and you’ll have something fun to look forward to. Maybe you’re thinking you have a special friend or family member that you know would love it, lets set up a gift certificate for them! Sessions start at $125+hst and range up to $250+hst. The $250 package includes the cake, use of the custom outfit, 20 images of your choice and the 1 hour session- we can do some photos of you with your family, significant other or individual ones first (in regular clothes) and then capture the cake smash.

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Pioneer Village London Ontario Wedding Photography

As my first wedding of the year at the beginning of April it was a pleasure to spend it with Danielle and Jesse at their London Ontario wedding at a small chapel on Oxford St and reception in the new venue at Pioneer Village.  The girls were troopers struggling through all of the outdoor shots on a very chilly day. The lighting by DJ Tyler from L.O.V.E was great to work with and the cake from Heavenly Sweetzations was so amazing that I accidently stole the plate it was on! Andrea is starting out as a wedding videographer who was a pleasure to work with and her teaser video can be seen at the end of the post! If you are looking for a videographer with very reasonable rates let me know and I can get you in contact with her.  

Cake- Heavenly Sweetzation
Wedding Dress- Sophies Gown Shoppe
Bridesmaids Dresses- Garbers Bridal Shop
Groomsmens Wear- Bud Gowan 
Officiant – Wedding Day Ceremonies Dan MacDonald
Reception – Fanshawe Pioneer Village
Caterer – Lillie Mae’s Catering
DJ – L.O.V.E.
Hair- 1st Choice Haircutters

Here is Andrea’s Teaser Video- 

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Whitney Houston inspired shoot

Last week I showed you my recent River Phoenix/90’s inspired shoot. This week is the beautiful Catherine (you may remember her from when I was in Halifax last and did this shoot) in a Whitney Houston/80’s inspired shoot. First wearing a very Whitney-esque dress I picked up at a vintage store downtown we channeled the young Whitney that we all remember and love. We headed to the gorgeous Sweet Hereafter to make use of their gorgeous wallpaper as a backdrop and have fun with mirrors and chairs. I can’t wait to get back there and enjoy a Cheesecake! 

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Mismatched and Kitschy

“Jogger girl”, thats how one group of people from back home know me, because when we went to a Justin Timberlake concert years ago I was wearing a nice silver top, black shorts and white joggers (runners). My reasoning behind it was because I knew the others would be dressed nicely and we were getting a limo to the concert so I didn’t want to be there in a tshirt and jeans but I also knew how much your feet get jumped on at concerts when it’s general admission. So I’m pretty mismatched, and if you know me at all you know how much I value kitsch.
When I found Halifax local Molly’s etsy shop I instantly knew I HAD to do something with these little wonders. I teamed up with model Jocelyn and headed downtown to some of my favourite shops that were lovely enough to let us take a few photos. If you’re interested in any of the jewellery contact me and I can put you in touch with Molly.

Chocolate cupcake earrings at Susie Shortbreads, Dresden row.

Vanilla Ice Creams with a cherry on top

Strawberries on Citadel Hill

Gameboy earrings at Sweet Janes

Ghost from Mario earrings at Sweet Janes

Zelda triforce earrings at Strange Adventures

Pacman earrings at Strange Adventures.

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Sydney Royal Easter Show

So I’ve been pretty MIA from the blog in recent times, main excuses being- working in the studio where I’m unable to share my work online and also writing a lot of articles over on Lomography. I thought I’d share some street photography type photos I took a couple of years ago at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I wish I was going this year as it’s always a good time but we’ll have to see.. 

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Sweets by Ashley

There is a reason why my blog is called Cameras and Cupcakes. I, in many ways, love them equally. I first came into contact with Sweets by Ashley a few months ago when I saw her pin up style photos taken by the great London photographer Dana Brushette. I started following her on facebook and she held a competition for someone to come up with her next chocolate flavor. If anyone has ever been to a cupcake or ice cream shop with me, you know what I’ll always order, the one with the chocolate a peanut butter, or failing that, the cookie dough. So I thought why not marry the two and my flavor ‘The Woodgate’ won. They literally are some of the best cupcakes I’ve ever tasted. So after all of that I asked if Ashley would like her cupcakes featured in the Tea Party and as they say the rest is history!

Apron by Ennadoolf

This is possibly one of my favorite photos from the whole shoot, ‘screw the cupcakes, I want PLATE nom nom nom…’

‘The Woodgate’

The Woodgate


Roasted Banana: Roasted Banana Cake with Honey Butter Cream

Orange Creamsicle
Maple walnut

Chocolate with Vanilla icing

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The Tea Party

You’ve been hearing about it for weeks, I’ve been planning/shooting/editing for months and it is finally here! Awhile ago I posted about doing an Etsy Trade. I contacted a few local designers and creatives in the area and from the products that I had gathered to photograph I came up with the Idea for a tea party. I will be individually showcasing each of the designers and all that we worked on together over the next 2 weeks on the blog but here it is in its entirety. It was loads of fun and I am really hoping to make it a continuing thing, either with doing photography tea parties or with doing shoots combining elements from a few different designers to come up with a new all combining concept. If you would like to book a tea party shoot or if you are designer who would like to do a trade please contact me.
Vintage dress/ Tunics: Planet Playground
Knitting: Ennadoolf
Feather Accessories: Fancy Free
Hair and Makeup- Chelsey Bakers Makeup
A big thanks to all the above creatives for being involved and to my beautiful models Sara, Tiffany, Erika and Miriam!

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I wish that I had Jesse’s girl!

Whenever I meet a couple with the guy called Jesse, that song always comes in my head! I met Shandell and Jesse at Victoria park where we were going to do their engagement session but, even though I checked the London event website I guess that place must pretty much just always have something going on there so we decided to go to my favorite park but walked in a direction I hadn’t gone before, we found some great scenery. It was great to get to know this couples Brady Bunch story, see how smitten he was and hear about some broken bones from doing some pretty extreme stuff! It was an extremely hot day so we ended up at Marble Slab and got some ice cream, a great way to end a summer engagement session if you ask me!

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Unveiling my Website

For a long time now I have been wanting to build a website. I’ve been building my portfolio and showing it all on my Facebook page and on here, my blog, but my lack of web design skills held me off building one. More and more lately I had been thinking about doing it, to try to be taken even more seriously about doing what I love and to be able to market myself. It wasn’t until I was watching an Epic meal time video (of all things) that I finally got pushed over the edge. They were advertising 30% off Squarespace fees. I had used Squarespace before at one of my other jobs and had mastered how to do that so I took up a free trial to begin with and with the help of my lovely (geeky) boyfriend I’ve now got it all up and running. I’m sure that I will be making little tweaks here and there along the way but I’m thinking it looks pretty good.

So heres where you come in! Submit a photo of something that makes you EPIC-ly happy! I’m thinking that laughing face of your child, your favorite beach or park to visit, or even just a photo of a time that is now a great memory. You can submit either by posting it to my facebook page or by emailing it to me at erin@woodgatephotography.com. I will put all the photos into a folder on my facebook page called ‘The Epic Competition’ (I’ve put a photo in there of a happy memory) and the person whose photo has the highest amount of ‘likes’ wins a free photoshoot of your choice either for yourself or to use as a gift certificate for someone else. I realize that my ‘fans’ are everywhere from here in London to across the country in Halifax to all the way at home on the Central Coast and as I’m going to be in all 3 of these places within the next 3 months it will be possible for everyone to enter!
So go on, have a look at my new website, then look through your photo albums and submit a photo that makes you Epic-ly happy, then share my page with your friends to get more likes on your photo and have some fun in the process! As an extra bonus, everyone who enters get $25 off their first photo session!
I’ll be drawing the winner in 10 days or when my page hits 350 likes, whatever comes first 🙂

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Sweet Cakes

I’m sitting here writing this in my summer cupcake pajamas pants and the tshirt that I got from Magnolias cupcakes in New York drinking tea from my oversized pink cupcake mug which I have winter pajamas, a dressing gown and slippers to match. From the title of this blog you know that I hold both photography and cupcakes in high regard. What happens when I combine the two? A little bit a magic… Check out the product shots I did for Sweet Cakes cupcakes store here in London Ontario. Some of the best cupcakes I’ve had! Check out more of their cupcakes on my facebook.

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