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James Dean inspired shoot

As i mentioned in my Marylin post, I had decided I would do a series on young, dead celebrities. I can’t say I came up with the idea to do that because, really, it’s been done before but these people were such an inspiration to now so many generations of people that of course it has all been done. One of my favourite quotes which I have hanging on my mirror at home is ‘Art is either evolution or revolution’. When searching for models to do these shoots with I headed over to trusty Model Mayhem, a lot of people talk about having bad experiences with models, or from the other side with photographers, but I have only had one time when a model didn’t turn up for a shoot and I put this down to choosing the models wisely and keeping up a good amount of contact.

My James Dean is a London model who has been photographed by some amazing photographers both in Canada and in Italy where he spent some time modelling so I felt very privileged when he said he would help me out with my little project. He definitely was the perfect one for the job and after doing the plain backdrop James Dean inspired shots we snapped a few extras influenced by high fashion looks.

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Marylin Monroe shoot

Around Marylin Monroe’s birthday this year I saw a slideshow of photos taken by Magnum photographers of when she was on set at some of her movies and more kind of documentary style photos of her which I loved and was really inspired to so some photos inspired by her. I found the perfect model in Elisa, beauty spot and all, and we hit the park a few weeks ago to have some fun in my Marylin dress and pin up style bathing suit. This shoot is the start to my series that I will be starting to do, inspired by young dead celebrities. Stay tuned this week for London, Ontario’s James Dean.

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Winter Wanderings

I can now safely say that winter is over. I haven’t put my winter coat on since before we left for Halifax and my winter hat has only come out of its hidy hole once, for a crazy hat party. It was one hell of a long winter, everyone who hears my accent comments that it was the worst winter to have been living in London that they can remember and with that ‘snowapocalypse’ that we had in December and the following snow storms I can definitely see what they meant. When II say that I’ll be returning home for this winter therefore our summer people ask if i will miss the cold during the next year and a half of me chasing the summer around the globe? Nope. Will I miss how pretty the snow makes everything when it’s freshly fallen? Yes.
A few months ago I showed you a series I had taken during fall with some Impossible project film. I’ve now started a spring series and will do a summer series before leaving London at the end of August.

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Chicago visit to see Vivian Maier

I was talking about the visit to Chicago awhile ago on the blog and on Facebook and I have been really slow with getting these photos up, even on my Lomography page. The reason? Most of these Lomographs are a little blurry on my part, I should have taken a faster film because of the overcast weather and shooting inside, but the lab I took them to, which wasn’t my normal lab must have had problems with their machine and I have scratches, dust, spots and development splotches all over the negatives, which in most cases makes them look like they have another layer of blurriness over them but some I think it helps them to look even more like they were taken in the 60’s when Vivian Maier was taking photos in Chicago, which was the reason we were going to Chicago to see her first exhibition and why I decided to not take a digital camera. Even though some of them aren’t great, this is the kind of photography I love, going to a place I haven’t been before and shooting a series.

Taking a photo of my road trip buddy Tyler through one of Vivian Maiers viewfinders.

Check out the development splotches in the photo above!

Have you ever had a roll of film ruined by a lab?
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Window Shopping

Another series that I developed along the way while traveling was of shop windows. There were a few reasons I think which drew me to taking photos of them. As a hostel dwelling traveller taking photos of some of the interesting (and in most cases expensive and impractical to carry with you) products in shop front windows is as close as I was ever going to get to them. Also in most cases told a story of where or when you were looking at them, either in the display or in the reflection of the window. I did a series around a year ago which was all about “Double takes” and had one of these natural double exposures included in it.

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Shooting a series

Since high school I have always thought of my photo taking as a series. I remember hearing the head of fine art when I was in my undergrad describing how once he started a series, It never ended, and to some degree I feel the same way. It is good when there is a way for it to come to an end of course, like for example the end of a trip.

During my time traveling Europe last summer I realized that I was making series, some without thinking about it, some that were continuations of other series I had done. I’ve already shared the ones on here of kids or of lovers but here is one a little less personal which was very well received when I put the photos on my facebook page.
The archways of Europe.

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Hop festival

No, I’m not talking of the hip kind. I’m talking of the beer kind.

The first weekend in September since 1990 the ‘medieval gem town’ of Faversham, Kent comes alive with different street performers, stalls, food stalls and the occasional English pub thrown in between. It celebrates the history that Kent, ‘the garden of England’ has with Hops where whole families would come down from the urban centre of London to stay in Hoppers huts and live for most of the month of September picking the hops in the fields. The hops were then dried out in oast houses which dot the Kentish countryside but most don’t serve a purpose these days as a lot of the industry has moved to places like Germany and the United States.

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Italia edition Day trips from Venice

Some people might think it a little odd to make Venice a hop off spot to other places because of how expensive it is but when you’ve been traveling as long as I have, knowing that you only have to take your luggage up and back down 3 flights of stairs once rather than doing it a few times it is definitely worth it. Plus, when you walk out of your front door there is the Grand Canal, how much better can it get?

On the train we hopped and although the temperature outside has you wishing you were inside, the temperature inside those freezing trains gets you wishing you had a coat! It is alot further away than expected on the slow trains, you can pay more and go on a fast train if thats what you prefer though.
Upon getting there and making our way to the tourist office, we picked up a map informing us where Juliet’s house, Romeo’s house etc are. It’s weird that a place that has been immortalized by Shakespeare now has tourist attractions to places that were never owned by the fictional characters. But being the hopeless romantic that I am, it’s nice nonetheless. I particularly enjoyed all of the graffiti on the walls going through to the courtyard where the statue of Juliet is where once you’ve clambered up onto her pedestal and grabbed her right breast you are meant to get good luck in love so it has the thousands doing it. It was there that I had the moment of wishing I knew the language so much it hurt when an old lady got herself up there, not for someone waiting for a camera to take a shot of here but to give the statue some love,instead of just grabbing her breast she rubbed her face, her neck, her hand. Then when she got down and came back over to the front of the crowd waiting their turn tojump up she said a bunch of words in Italian that I SO wish I could have understood.
Verona isn’t just about Shakesphere though, it also has some amazing grave sites, the most complete roman colosseum anywhere and a bustling marketplace.
Burano and Murano
The Lace making and the glass making islands of Italy. Many people buy what they are lead to believe is real Murano glass while they are in Venice in the tourist shops but by coming here you know you’re getting the real deal. You can find glass blowers doing thier work and sit and watch if you like, there is a glass museum (which I was told by the person on the front desk of the museum that it wasn’t worth the admission fee), and plenty of pretty little streets and laneways.
A short boat ride from there gets you to Burano which is famous for it’s lace-making. I had an overwhelming feeling of deja vu while I was there and I think it was probably because of a mix of recollections of lacy little dresses from when I was a child, doilies that clutter up the houses I grew up in and the crochet that my Nana would do around the outside of face washers and hand towels.
The brightly coloured buildings are a picture postcard waiting to happen and of all the places that I travelled over the summer this was the place that I could see myself living, isolated and making mounds of artwork until my need for processed foods tore me away. It was definitely worth the trip.
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Italia Venice edition

All my life I’d heard of Venice, my Mum’s favorite place she had travelled. I’d seen it countless times on television, even had scrawled in my travel journal to make sure I get to Venice before it all goes under water.

It was exactly as you imagine it. A city, surrounded by water. Big Italian personalities, Gondolas, canals and a few bridges.
It was exactly not as I imagined it.
A city, surrounded by water- Can be so still at night without the roar of car engines and the never sleep feeling that you get in most cities wasn’t present at all. It sleeps.
Big Italian personalities- nearing the end of summer and tourist season I’m sure the locals can’t wait to see the other end of another English speaking visitor who’s only italian comes from the Dolmio adds, and in some places it showed.
Gondolas- you’re told before you go that they are expensive, but what you don’t expect is that just so that they can say that they have done it every other tourist jumps on a full gondola so that they can split the cost (and also, I think the experience) Gone are the days of a romantic gondola ride.
Canals and a few bridges- I generally have a good sense of direction. I did home delivery driving for a Chinese restaurant at one stage. We got SO LOST in Venice. By the time that we found someone to point us in the right direction we were 1 and a half hours walk from where we needed to be. But I’m not saying that is a bad thing. We probably saw more of Venice than a lot of visitors do there. Twice. At one point we somehow ended back in a Venetian glass shop that we had been in at the beginning of the day and not even realized it, we were even commenting on how weirdly the same as that shop we were in earlier it was. It was.

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Memory Mondays Week 1

So I realized that unlike most Bloggers and well any other site on the internet I didn’t do a ’10 best of 2010′ list or alike so I decided a good way to do something similar is that every Monday for the next 10 weeks I’m going to dig through the photo memories from the past year that I haven’t blogged about before and share them.

Back in May my boyfriend and his friends graduated their undergraduate degrees and I loved going to the graduation ceremony, taking photos in the public gardens and near the Citadel afterwards and going to the party that Matt’s parents had for them. Even though we hadn’t been together for very long at that stage and I hadn’t really seen all the work that he had put into his studies I was still incredibly proud when his name got read out with the highest honors.
I never got to go to my graduation, my world gypsy lifestyle got in the way of that. or at least my my thirst for the maple country did anyway, because I did exchange in Canada my marks were somehow missed for graduating in the semester when I would have actually of been able to attend the ceremony while i was still in Australia soattending a ceremony with people i care about was a great opportunity.

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