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Chicago Wedding Photography styled shoot

At the beginning of October I was heading to Chicago for a concert so decided to see if I could put together a little styled wedding shoot while I was there and this is the outcome! Jess and Matt were the lovely couple who made my ‘Iconic Chicago’ theme come to life (and directed me through the insanely busy streets of downtown). They sure got a lot of ‘Congratulations’ and received many compliments on the Ivory pearl ‘Harper’ gown and gorgeous veil from Once Upon a Time Weddings. It was a lot of fun and I would so love do real Chicago wedding photography, there were so many amazing spots to take photos, especially around sunset. Contact me if you are looking for a photographer for your wedding, in Chicago or other awesome destinations!

As always, click on the images below to view full screen 🙂

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Heidy and Mark wedding photography at the Ivey Spencer leadership centre London Ontario

I was in love with the Ivey Spencer venue from the minute I drove in with my second shooter Robin, and it wasn’t just because of the groundhogs. For a day that was verging on rain at any given minute we were very lucky and only got enough for me to set up for a shot with an umbrella, and then it stopped. Heidy was a glowing bride who never seemed to stop smiling and  I loved capturing the love between her and Mark on their big day. The children were a major highlight, especially the ‘fighting kiss’ towards the end of the night.

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Boudoir Photography London Ontario

As we all know Valentines Day is coming up this week and one of the most popular types of shoot this time of year seems to be a somewhat new genre of ‘Boudoir’ photographic portraits. I love the idea of a soon-to-be-bride doing an empowering shoot before the big day and giving an intimate album to their soon-to-be-groom as a wedding day present. 
I shot a lot of photographic nudes while I was at university but this genre is new to me so I asked Nicole, an up and coming model to help me figure out what works and what doesn’t. The biggest thing I found that doesn’t work? Doing the shoot on my territory, having to strip my apartment of clutter was time consuming and I think, would be in-personable if this were a client shoot. Definitely have my eye on Hotel Metro for my next boudoir shoot!

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Friendly neighbourhood Engagement session

I was extremely excited about this shoot from the moments that the words ‘Take a vintage red couch outside’ were uttered. The shoot was done in Angella’s parents backyard and their neighbours yard. The couch is going to be used at the wedding at the head table and I’m really looking forward to capturing some more photo-documentary style shots at the wedding!

I’m now making a facebook cover photo for all of my sessions. If you would like to take advantage of my $75 mini session offer email me on erin@woodgatephotography.com

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Halifax engagement photography

I’m jumping ahead a bit here from showing you the work I’ve recently done but it’s because I’m so excited to share these photos. Topher and Rae are from 2 different places and were brought together by Halifax. I love this city and I love a great love story and these two have one. We started in the public gardens with him playing the guitar and her singing, something that they love to do together then headed up Spring Garden to Just Us! cafe, where they had their first date. I can’t wait to shoot at their intimate Peggy’s Cove wedding later this summer!

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Central Coast ‘In Love’ Photography session

You know that guy who always pulls a face in photos? Nick is that guy. He’s also one of the guys in the group keeping everyone laughing, which is why one of my most giggly of friends, Shae, fell for him. With the aforementioned face pulling I thought that the session might take awhile to get them comfortable but it was actually the easiest couple shoot I’ve ever done!

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Engagement Photography session helpful hints

When it comes to having engagement photos taken, a lot of people can be a little lost as they may have not had professional photos taken since they were kids, if at all. These are some helpful hints Ive put together to help you get the most out of your engagement session. The same hints can mostly be said for any couple shoot 🙂

1. Talk to your photographer about what sort of images you are after. You’ve heard me say this one before but it is very important. This could mean you have a specific place in mind for the photo, that you are wanting something printed on canvas, you really want a close up of the ring, you mainly like black and white photos or simply that you like traditional photos (everyone looking at the camera) or contemporary photos (more casual style of photography).

2. Wear something that you feel comfortable in. If it isn’t something you would normally wear or you are too over dressed or under dressed for the conditions then it will come across in the photos and you might wish you’d just worn your converse instead of trying to balance in those 6 inch heels! If you wouldn’t normally wear matching white shirts and jeans down the street, you probably wont want them up on the wall for life.
3. Pick the right location, this could be a place that means a lot to you and your partner or just a place that you know has a lot of nice scenery that you enjoy.
4. Bring some makeup and a brush to touch up between shots, changing outfits is also a good idea to get variety out of your shoot.
5. I love having themes in my portrait sessions- check out this couple shoot with an Up! theme. If you have a theme you would like o incorporate, or even just a special prop let’s talk about how to make it work!
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Vincenzo and Laura for Swallow and Twig

As soon as I saw the collection by Mary from Swallow and Twig it made me think of the movie ‘UP’ and so we rolled with that theme for the product shots of her beautiful hand painted and resin set jewellery. We shot in iconic Halifax locations of the Public Gardens and on Citadel Hill and one of my favourite moments was right at the end of the shoot when I gave the balloons we had been using to a little girl. I strongly suggest you go and check out the Etsy page of Swallow and Twig as they have a sale on at the moment and I just can’t say enough good things about the little pieces of art!

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‘In Love’ session and Announcing a new competition!

So after almost 2 months of living out of suitcases I’m finally settled back in at home in OZ. I still have a bunch of shoots to share from while I was still in Canada so they will still be rolling out over the next little while.

February this year seems like so long ago now and it was then that I did Amanda and Brandon’s first shoot which was for their engagement. I was really happy with some of the pictures and loved how totally different they were to anything that I would be able to capture at home, even though bits of snow whipping you in the face is kinda the same as sand whipping you in the face and I’m still so glad that I was able to make that memory with them.
Summer came around and I ran a Facebook competition to gain some exposure while I was in London and Amanda, on the cusp of their wedding were the lucky winners so I was happy to photograph this happy young couple in a place special to them, Springbank park.
For the new competition, all you need to do is ‘Like’ my Facebook page then set your Facebook status as ‘I want to win a photography session with (@) Erin Woodgate’s Photography in time for Christmas!’ And make sure you do the tag using the (@) so that I can see it appear on my page and you enter the draw!
The competition will run for 2 weeks up until Halloween and the 1 hr session will include a cd of edited images and must be done before Christmas on the Central Coast.

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‘In Love’ photography session

Time to share this lovely session from awhile back when I was still in London. I first met this lovely couple at a wedding I was shooting where they had caught the garter and the bouquet which was fitting as you can sure tell this couple are in love! We headed to one of their favorite nature reserves and despite being bitten alive by the mosquitos I think we did a good job of it and they were troopers happy to jump in the water or do anything I thought would make a good shot! If you’re interested in doing an ‘In Love’ photography session here on the NSW Central Coast or surrounding area then please head to my contact page 🙂

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