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Trash the dress London Ontario

Trash the dress London Ontario

Amy was the winner last year of a Trash the Dress London Ontario competition, we have worked together with the Whoa Mama business she runs with other local mama Nicolle and it was nice to get to do something creative and fun. The gorgeous hair and makeup was done by Beauty By Mallory and we took the opportunity to do some product shots of a grey crochet shawl (perfect for winter weddings) which was made by Simply Adorable Crochet. Port Stanley’s little beach was the perfect location for this trash the dress shoot. We then captured the sun setting with some shots on the sand, with me wading out into the water to get the shot. Then ventured to the field where I really like the shot with the birds flying in the air. Out to the rock wall and as I was trying to so a long exposure to get the water to go all milky, I had my camera on a tripod and when I moved to adjust one of my flashes, the wind caught the tripod and the camera went smashing down the rocks on the tripod towards the water. Luckily no waves came at that time and I was able to grab a leg of the tripod and pull it back up. Heart attack. I thought the whole thing was surely broken but ended up the lens hood mostly saved it and there has just been a broken piece of plastic on the lens. I kept my cool (but not quite as much as if it had been with a first time client) and went on with the shoot. We got some playing with the water shots (and it was almost completely dark by this point) but loved the full moon glistening off of the water in the last shot.

Many people say to me that they would like to do a trash the dress shoot but wouldn’t want to ruin their dress (even though it has been sitting in the closet without having been dry cleaned for years). Amy just took her dress home, rinsed out the sand and put it inside out on a gentle wash in the washing machine and it was absolutely fine! There certainly are destructive ways of doing trash the dress (paint, ripping, fire) and non-destructive ways (water, mud, grungy location like with graffiti) you just need to do what works for you.

I have a special offer that if you book your trash the dress session in April, for anytime before the end of July, you get the hour session and 20 images of your choice for just $200+hst (regularly $275+hst)! So contact me now!

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Pregnancy Announcement London Ontario

Pregnancy Announcement London Ontario

As I am off today to photograph a pregnancy announcement session (the dad knows but we will be capturing it for them to announce to the rest of the world) I thought it was fitting to post this Pregnancy Announcement London Ontario blog from photographs taken a bit over a year ago. One of my previous wedding clients let me in on a secret, and I was there at Prince Alberts Diner to capture her telling her husband, in a very cute way, that she was pregnant. Now, as mentioned in the Proposal photography post, my task was made a bit harder in that the subject knew who I was so I tried to go incognito, this time as I knew I had to be inside, I took my fiance with me to make it look like we just also happened to be there on a date. I was recognized but told later that he didn’t suspect anything and I really don’t think that his reactions could be any more expressive! I felt making the images black and white made the expressions the main thing that draws your eye and I’m so excited to be photogaphing their little ones 6 month milestone next month (yes, I know I’m really far behind on blogs but I’ll get there 🙂

If you enjoyed this post, check out the other Pregnancy Announcement I photographed last year.

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Model Holly for Atlantic Art Couture

In some kind of madness, I decided that coming into Halifax as well as trying to get ready to leave the country and see all the friends and family there that I would do a whole bunch of photo shoots for Etsy trades. The results of these shoots will be shared over the next couple of weeks starting with this shoot with Holly who is ‘Miss Truro’ and is in the running for ‘Miss Nova Scotia’. The jewellery was supplied by Etsy store Atlantic Art Couture and I loved being able to use the Halifax skyline as a backdrop in some of the shots. If you are interested in product shots please contact me erin (at) woodgatephotography.com

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‘In Love’ session and Announcing a new competition!

So after almost 2 months of living out of suitcases I’m finally settled back in at home in OZ. I still have a bunch of shoots to share from while I was still in Canada so they will still be rolling out over the next little while.

February this year seems like so long ago now and it was then that I did Amanda and Brandon’s first shoot which was for their engagement. I was really happy with some of the pictures and loved how totally different they were to anything that I would be able to capture at home, even though bits of snow whipping you in the face is kinda the same as sand whipping you in the face and I’m still so glad that I was able to make that memory with them.
Summer came around and I ran a Facebook competition to gain some exposure while I was in London and Amanda, on the cusp of their wedding were the lucky winners so I was happy to photograph this happy young couple in a place special to them, Springbank park.
For the new competition, all you need to do is ‘Like’ my Facebook page then set your Facebook status as ‘I want to win a photography session with (@) Erin Woodgate’s Photography in time for Christmas!’ And make sure you do the tag using the (@) so that I can see it appear on my page and you enter the draw!
The competition will run for 2 weeks up until Halloween and the 1 hr session will include a cd of edited images and must be done before Christmas on the Central Coast.

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We are family

This morning when I was looking at the backlog of shoots that I have done but haven’t shared online yet, I realized that it has been quite a few weeks since I shared possibly my favorite type of shoot to do, families. This gorgeous little family let me in to their lives and let me put their little girl sit on Max, the St Bernard. That will be a memory I’ll have for a very long time of how funny she thought it was and how much love there is in between all of them, dogs included.

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London Ontario Family Photographer

Crystal first contacted me about shooting her wedding which I was really excited about as there is going to be a butterfly release and part of it takes part at a waterfall! Really excited, that was until I heard the date and I already had a wedding booked. So instead we decided to do an engagement shoot which really actually turned out to be more of a family shoot with their two gorgeous kids. I also had them model some of Planet Playground‘s ‘Mommy and Me’ dresses, perfect for a shoot in the park with a kind of vintage feel to it. I can’t wait to do the trash the dress underneath the waterfall at the end of August!

These are the Planet Playground dresses. Too cute!
P.S Don’t forget to enter to win a free photography session like this! There aren’t many entries yet and it ends in 3 days so you’ve got a good chance!
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Etsy Photography Trade

So I’m not the best Etsy-ier. I have to admit it, I got really excited at around Christmas and decided I would put up a bunch of prints to sell and make some earrings, I loved taking the photos of the earrings but after only one sale I kind of gave up, I didn’t keep posting new things and my shop slowly dwindled away. I was at a party last week and I was talking to someone about photography and Etsy, and suggested that I contact some Etsy sellers to see if they were interested in doing a trade.

I honestly couldn’t believe I hadn’t thought of it sooner! Image is everything on Etsy! And were always told that to have professional images of your Etsy products will boost your sales, that products will sell better when they are shown being used and photographed by a professional.
So Etsy sellers, or any other designers for that matter, what I would like to do is offer photography services of a range of your products in exchange to add a couple of your products to my prop collection. Its a win win situation for both parties. I will photograph at least 5 images of each item.
This can be for anything, think outside the box, everything from newborn hats to Jewelry for adults, clothing for children, cool home goods I can use as props or for stylized shoots, etc. If you are interested, all you need to do is send me the link to your shop (or if you are not open yet, tell me about it and what you are selling) in an email to erinwoodgatesphotography@hotmail.com
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The best of the best?

I just had some good news! I will be exhibiting at the car free festival this Saturday in London (Ontario) and I’m going to show only analogue photos.. What to show though? I need your help! My contact with the festival said he liked my Chicago Holga pics, So i’m thinking those for sure. I was also thinking of showing my Fall/Winter/Spring impossible works, but I would have to find a suitable frame and then I’m not sure how much sun would be around (sun fades the impossible film) or if I go through all of my Lomography photos and find the ones that I think would be the most pleasing to other people- the ones I treasure are usually something personal that usually other people wouldn’t get. I’ve highlighted some of my faves in my Lomography Facebook album so if you’re in the mood for looking through eclectic photographs from London to London through a plastic lens (I think I just accidently found my exhibition title) then please, go to the album and tell me which ones to include! Here are some of the possible ones I will be printing.

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Winter Wanderings

I can now safely say that winter is over. I haven’t put my winter coat on since before we left for Halifax and my winter hat has only come out of its hidy hole once, for a crazy hat party. It was one hell of a long winter, everyone who hears my accent comments that it was the worst winter to have been living in London that they can remember and with that ‘snowapocalypse’ that we had in December and the following snow storms I can definitely see what they meant. When II say that I’ll be returning home for this winter therefore our summer people ask if i will miss the cold during the next year and a half of me chasing the summer around the globe? Nope. Will I miss how pretty the snow makes everything when it’s freshly fallen? Yes.
A few months ago I showed you a series I had taken during fall with some Impossible project film. I’ve now started a spring series and will do a summer series before leaving London at the end of August.

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Chicago visit to see Vivian Maier

I was talking about the visit to Chicago awhile ago on the blog and on Facebook and I have been really slow with getting these photos up, even on my Lomography page. The reason? Most of these Lomographs are a little blurry on my part, I should have taken a faster film because of the overcast weather and shooting inside, but the lab I took them to, which wasn’t my normal lab must have had problems with their machine and I have scratches, dust, spots and development splotches all over the negatives, which in most cases makes them look like they have another layer of blurriness over them but some I think it helps them to look even more like they were taken in the 60’s when Vivian Maier was taking photos in Chicago, which was the reason we were going to Chicago to see her first exhibition and why I decided to not take a digital camera. Even though some of them aren’t great, this is the kind of photography I love, going to a place I haven’t been before and shooting a series.

Taking a photo of my road trip buddy Tyler through one of Vivian Maiers viewfinders.

Check out the development splotches in the photo above!

Have you ever had a roll of film ruined by a lab?
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