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Springbank park and Cvic Gardens wedding Photography: Joanna and Jordan

Joanna and Jordan were married on a beautiful friday in May and what better setting than the lovely Springbank Gardens! I loved that they wanted to do a ‘first look’ with doing the photos before the ceremony which worked well not only for saving time between the ceremony and reception but also because it started raining during the ceremony which was held at the London Citadel church. The Civic Gardens Complex is now one of my favourite places to shoot, especially as they have the backup of having the greenhouse available (which came in very handy with the rain) . We added an extra bit of fun with using some film- instax minis (Polaroid type instant prints, but smaller) and using my 360 spinner camera. 

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Photokina 2012

I know this post is about 3 weeks overdue but hey, better late than never! This photokina post isn’t going to tell you about all the latest gadgets from the biggest companies (Canon, Nikon etc) but it will focus on the things that made me happiest at the trade show in Cologne, Germany.
First stop was Lomography, unfortunately I wasn’t quick enough to sign up for the DIY La Sardinia workshop where they were giving away free cameras (I can’t be too greedy, I do already have one , below) but was very happy to have a 1 on 1 tutorial with a Lomokino camera (shown above) and be able to play around with all the fun props they had to go with their circus theme. 

Next stop was up the stairs to Samsung and although I’ve never really liked their cameras I did really like all their displays- breakdancers, waterfalls and lego boats! We also stood in line for 45 minutes to get a photo on a vespa printed on a mug for free but the camera they were using was having problems connecting to wifi and the in camera editing looked very slow going anyway so we abandoned it.

Sony had lots of models to try out their cameras on

The Impossible project was doing demonstrations of their latest technology basically being able to use and Iphone to take a picture, put it on their device and make it an instant polaroid like picture. I’m still not sure how I feel about this- Glad that it opens up more ways for people to use analogue technology but I always loved the feeling of that a Polaroid is like a negative, there is only one of them. 

We also stood in line for about an hour to get these photographs taken of us by photographer Walter M Rammler for a project faces@photokina on a hassleblad camera then printed on an Epson fine art printer. 

I used a CeWe instant print machine to make these glossy prints and was surprised with actually how nice they came out.

On the opposite end of the scale, Polaroids new digital instant camera disappointed me, with a much smaller amount of megapixels than all cameras on the market and poor printing quality, I feel like this machine could have been made so much better had a little more time and money gone into it. (See printed example of me using one above)

And lastly, my next big purchase is going to be an Epson scanner so while I was chatting to the reps about them I got this print done on one of their printers, and I was again surprised at the quality it came out with. Maybe my ‘anything printed not in a lab on wet lab paper is crap’ mentality was slightly changed. Maybe. 

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Fan-Plastic Eco Accessories

The extremely talented Nicole of Fan-Plastic Eco Accessories and Davis Designs (See follow-up blog post on Thursday) and I got together for a shoot to get some shots of her wonderful jewellery made from recycled plastics like laundry detergent bottles! I love the amazing colours that she gets out of the plastic which comes of course with a lot of creativity and patience. I still remember the burns I got from the jewellery class I took at NSCAD, so always have a ton of respect for jewellery artists!
All of these designs are available in her Etsy shop and you can follow her on facebook!

Makeup Artist: Bryana Doyscher
Models: Manon and Nicole (designer)

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Diana Baby

A little while back I did a post about a new Lomography camera I was excited about, the Fisheye baby which is reviving 110 film. I have some in the post on thier way to me right now and I’m now looking forward to getting my hands on a Diana Baby to try it out. I’m thinking I’m going to eventually have to buy one as well because, how cute will it look sitting next to my Diana F+ and Diana mini. You can even get 2 different lenses for it! 

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110 film makes a comeback

In my second year of university I went to a recycling place called reverse garbage and managed to pick up around 10 cameras that people had donated. I held on to a few of these because they were in good shape and looked cool, something must have been telling me to because just recently Lomography started making black and white 110 film which will go in a few of them! To go along with it last week they announced 2 brand new cameras ‘Fisheye baby basic’ and ‘Fisheye baby metal’ which I’m excited to get my hands on mainly for the fact that even the regular size fisheye is light, and these babies are even smaller so I love the idea of having one as a keychain or something permanently in my bag.

When I was in Cape Breton recently I also came across an old 110 camera still with film in it which has the expiry of 1982, 5 years before I was born! I’m interested to know if these will come out at all. 

A sample picture from the Lomography website, this guy looks strangely familiar thou!

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Sydney Royal Easter Show

So I’ve been pretty MIA from the blog in recent times, main excuses being- working in the studio where I’m unable to share my work online and also writing a lot of articles over on Lomography. I thought I’d share some street photography type photos I took a couple of years ago at the Sydney Royal Easter Show. I wish I was going this year as it’s always a good time but we’ll have to see.. 

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Lomography self portraits

Working in a studio where we have guidelines on us as to how creative we can get can get a bit monotonous, that is why I always have a film camera on had, most of the time a Lomography one. The Lomography UK facebook page put a call out for bloggers to show self portraits of themselves with thier cameras and I thought it would be a good excuse for a new post!

Self Portraits with the camera in my hands were somewhat hard to find, and when I did they were all either reflections or shadows, I think on one of the rolls I have going at the moment I’ll have to try and get an actual set up photo of myself with a camera in hands happening!

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Reflections on last year, now.

I know I’ve kind of missed the boat on posts wrapping up the year that has past in photos or memories but I still wanted to have the opportunity to go through and pick some of my faves that you may or may not have seen over the past year from my Lomography film cameras.

Trying out my newly won Diana, I experimented with some light painting around my newly purchased Fisheye 2. These were the cold January days in Canada where I had to find things to take photos of inside so as not to freeze my trigger finger off mid click. Okay so maybe it wasn’t that bad but at the time it felt like it..
Adventuring across the city to pick up my (again newly won) Diana Mini I took this photo on the way back of some items out the front of a shop that can only be described as selling Bric-a-brac. I like the ‘Bambi’s’ and my reflection in the pot, with my camera to my face, not an inch of skin to be seen.
An early warm streak had me jumping for joy in March but even though it was only short lived I loved getting out and seeing random sights like this when the snow melted away, the dressings of a snowman built months before.
Through Couchsurfing I met a now great friend and we went on a road trip to Chicago together. Coming from Australia the chance to be able to drive to such places still seems weird to me but it was a fun time. I challenged myself by only taking film cameras on the trip and was shattered when I received back all the black and white rolls from my Holga, which in one view had been ruined by the lab. I now think that the dust spots, scratches and chemical marks all add to the photos making them look even more vintage.
We went back to Halifax for a much needed couple of weeks off seeing family and friends and this photos just really captures that time for me.
Getting back to London it was like someone had flipped a switch to summer and had made the grass grow, the flowers bloom and the Sears workers scream about lawn mowers instead of snow blowers. We took to playing tennis to soak up some sun and get exercise.
On Canada Day I painted the town red with my Fisheye and colorsplash flash. I had really hoped that this photo came out better than it did, with the couple in front of us kissing under the fireworks, but alas that is one of the chances you take when you shoot with film.
This was an incredibly busy month filled with lots of work, many photoshoots, packing for moving, goodbyes, travelling halfway across the country and somehow we managed to fit a day trip to Niagara falls in there.
After enjoying a few weeks in Halifax with road trips to Hunts Point and the Valley, The 26th was always going to be the day that I had to be out of the country by, we left a couple of days earlier and made the hell of a trip from Halifax, Canada to Tumbi Umbi, Australia.
After a lot of settling in and catching up with people we headed way up north to the Barrier Reef stopping at a fair few fun places in between. This double exposure was taken on Fraser Island. It’s a long story of what happened but if you ever find yourself going there. Take it from an Aussie and 2 Canadians, drive, don’t walk.
Work started, fixing up the house took up the free time and other than seeing the friends on the odd occasion not as much happened. Except for getting the camera of all Lomography cameras, the LCA
The coldest beginning to a December on record and overall 5 degrees less than average sent me and my bragging about how warm this summer will be back into my ugg boots. The Koala and the Moose did however happen to pick a lovely day to explore in Sydney.

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Lomography family shoot

Shooting a session with my Lomography cameras was something I had always wanted to do. When I got the email saying that they were interested i was over the moon and after looking at the different techniques that she liked came up with some good film/camera combinations to use for the family shoot.
With film being film there were a few obstacles to overcome, first using up the rest of the rolls that I had started in my Fisheye, Diana Mini, Diana F+, Holga and colorsplash. Second was getting the rolls to the lab and getting them back – this wouldn’t have been a problem if I had some kind of regular schedule inside normal working hours but I don’t. Then it was the scanning of the negatives, the biggest obstacle. I started scanning all of them and didn’t realize until I hit the colorsplash Velvia xpro roll with the high saturated colours that I noticed that the scanner had been scanning with little horizontal lines going all through the images. I spent ages trying to figure it out and then asked Canon and they helped with emailing me about how to calibrate. At least now I’ll know for next time!

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Baby Blue Eyes

When I was at the Car Free Festival showing some of my Lomography prints I had asked Jayne and her family if she had wanted to get a photo taken with my little Car Free Festival sign but I saw that baby was sleeping so told them to let sleeping babies lie and handed over my card, a lot sooner than expected we had a shoot planned and as baby Liam had had some cool shades on when I had met them I didn’t have a chance to see then how beautiful his eyes were. I seriously have not done anything to these photos to enhance the eyes, thats just the way they are! We decided to shoot with some of my Lomography cameras which was seriously exciting as I had been wanting to use them to do a shoot for someone for a long time. This post is all the digital’s and the Lomo’s will follow on Saturday. It was great to share an afternoon with the family and hear stories, I always appreciate being let in to people’s lives and capturing moments like these to last a lifetime!

I loved it when I said give him a kiss, she thought I meant the baby, how times can change!

I also loved it when the grandparents had just got there and grandma leaned away as if to leave and he did this. Too cute!!

I would love it if you shared this so that I get to make more memories photographing families! Check out my Travel Notice section to see where I’ll be for the next little while!

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