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Awesome Mondays Part 28

I can’t believe it is a year since I applied for the Awesome London grant which made all of this happen! If you have an idea that you think would benefit the community, or that would just be really cool to do in London then I urge you to apply!

The following shots were taken at The Alzheimer Outreach centre, with Hair by Mallory and Makeup by Michelle

Gary and I chatted about family and he seemed to be very proud of his 4 grandchildren. With such a caring and happy smile, he was extremely easy to photograph!

Helmut wasn’t a big talker but I think that one of the great things about this project has been being able to see how some people shy away from the camera, whereas others eyes light up, Helmut was one of the latter. 

When I asked Joe what kind of advice he could give someone like me he told me to just keep clicking, so I’ll do just that! 

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Awesome Mondays part 27

Wishing you and yours a very Merry Christmas! I’m happy knowing that many of these awesome seniors portraits will be sitting of shelves of loving family this holiday season.

The following shots were taken at The Alzheimer Outreach centre, with Hair by Mallory and Makeup by Michelle

Just look at this gentleman’s eyes. A lot of people say that they eyes are the window to the soul and I think that the kindness in these eyes speaks volumes over any words I could say, but we did have a great chat and I even got a hug at the end of it! He was in the army, he told me he was in Germany and jumped out of planes with a parachute. He got married in 1950 and met her at a dance, he saw her her from across the room and asked her to dance and then didn’t let her go. Said his secret to long marriage was not to drink alcohol.

While this lovely lady was having her hair done she said ‘I just can’t move its too comfortable’. She also told me that she was enjoying the summer and when it came time to taking her photo, ‘I act like a clown but don’t want to look like one’. Another great quote from her was ‘My hair is like me, it does what it wants.’

Bob told me to just keep smiling. I hope that some of these photos have brought a smile to your face! Enjoy spending time with your loved ones and be sure to take lots of photos with your relatives!

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Awesome Mondays Part 26

Last week we had a lovely time at Mount Hope, I’m hoping to do more in the new year during my slow season. My hope is to now fund the project myself, with the help of any donations and do at least 6 sessions a year.
  The following shots were taken at The Alzheimer Outreach centre, with Hair by Mallory and Makeup by Michelle
Karl is definitely a joker and asked if he could stick his tongue out in photo, he was also joking about getting his makeup done.  

Ken didn’t really talk but his smile certainly lit up the room!

Leah was excited for the makeover and photo to be taken, she even came prepared with lipstick, that she also used as blush! 

Lydia had a big family with 6 daughters and 2 sons. We chatted about life with a big family and our shared love of dogs. 

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Awesome Mondays Part 24 Remembrance Day edition

Welcome to a special edition of Awesome Mondays. So many of the men and women I have met doing this project have with fought for their country, knew someone that did or their lives were completely changed by it. One especially that stands out to me can be found back in one of my first posts you can read the story of Klara and I’ll share a few more here today. This time next monday I’ll be heading out the door to Mount Hope for the first new shoot for awhile, I’m excited to see some new faces and also some old ones, Elfriede the makeup artist and Mallory the hairstylist will be joining me again 🙂
Lest we forget.

Ausma told us about how she was originally from Latvia (and has even managed to keep her accent) but fled towards the beginning of WWII when Russia invaded. She told us that she has been very thankful and has loved her time living in Canada, this is something that is a very familiar story with many of the people I’ve spoken to with stories such as Ausma’s.

When I asked John where his accent was from he said ‘Where Robin Hood was from’ so I knew he was going to have a big personality from the beginning. We chatted about his life growing up in the Midlands and he joined the navy as a nurse for WWII and met many Canadians and thought that they were all really good people so thought he would come to Canada himself, he met his wife and had 2 children soon after.  

Chiew was really happy to have the opportunity to have her portrait taken, her daughter told me that they regularly went to have their portraits done. She was also effected by the turbulent times that wars bring, finding herself in Canada and bringing up her children.

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Awesome Mondays part 25

Today I’ll be sharing some shots taken at the Alzheimer outreach centre where the lovely ladies and gentlemen had their photo taken but requested for names and details not to be shared online. I’m off to Mount Hope today for the first awesome portrait day in a long time so looking forward to pulling smiles of some faces!

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Awesome Mondays part 23

This lovely group of portraits were taken at the Alzheimer outreach centre and I wanted to make sure that everyone got a portrait taken, so they had 3 options- allow photo and name for me to write about them, allow photo but no name and then for the photo to be kept private. Todays bunch were some of the second group and I enjoyed chatting to each of them, and I think they all had a nice time. 

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Awesome Mondays part 22

October has been pretty hectic, and will continue to be right up until the end of the month, especially while there are still brightly coloured leaves on the trees so it is nice to take the morning to remember some conversations now had months ago with some lovely seniors at the Alzheimer outreach centre.  
Michelle had some of the loveliest skin I’ve seen! Asked her what her secret was but she just laughed. She was happy for us to pamper her and told us that she had always lived in London and has two children.

Susan didn’t want to worry about being pampered but liked having her photo taken, we chatted about her brightly coloured bracelet which she told me she got from a friend who went to Spain. 

Jim and I chatted about our shared love of dogs and travelling, he shared some stories from his travels across Canada and was excited for his trip to Newfoundland this fall, it was his first time going there. 

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Awesome Mondays Part 21

All through this project I’ve had many people offer their help and connections and when I was connected to the McCormick Home and found out about their Alzheimer Outreach program I knew that it was a very important place to do the project, as the whole idea came from my Nan who had Alzheimer’s and had a great time talking and being pampered by the volunteers at the centre she visited once a week. 

Hair by Mallory
One word describes Bruce, Cheeky. While he was waiting his turn he was making all the others laugh with getting them to say words that I certainly couldn’t ask anyone to say! I would like have his energy at all my shoots!

Gord wasn’t too into having his portrait taken but came around to it after seeing a few people go before him. He was a little shy so I didn’t get to hear much of his story but I’m really glad that he came around to have this portrait taken. 

I had a good chat to Hugh and he told me that he was born in my neck of the woods, Indonesia and lived in Holland but decided it wasn’t big enough for him so moved to Canada where he worked in a Chemical Company. 

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Awesome Mondays Part 20

As I missed last week I thought I’d make up for it with a few extra portraits this first monday of fall!
Here’s the last  instalment from the Chelsey Park home with hair by Mallory and makeup by Shealee and Michelle

Cathy seemed to have a nice time and I think the bright pink scarf really suited her! 

Gerry and Jean were my first awesome couple and the love that they have for each other was written all over their faces when they looked at each other so I knew I had to capture that. They were married in 1949 (Gerry being the typical bloke, not remembering! lol) and have 4 children and they both celebrated their 90th birthdays last year with a big party with all of their family. 

Penelope said a big thankyou to us and that she really enjoyed having the hair and makeup done. I loved her lovely purple top!

Roseria turns 100 this year so I felt very lucky to have been able to photograph her during it! When I asked her if she had always lived in London she said she was ‘a little from everywhere’ which I found to be intriguing and also a nice way to be! She explained she was born in Egypt, lived for quite awhile in Italy (you could still hear the Italian accent) then England and Canada! Among the rest of her family she was also proud to say she has 14 great great grandchildren and her daughters are in Rome. 

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Awesome Monday’s Part 19

Things are crazy busy in my neck of the woods, but it is nice to sit and have a cup of tea and remember my time chatting to these lovely ladies!

Caroline has the most amazing skin, so it’s no wonder she told us that she doesn’t ever wear makeup! She also spoke fondly of her husband of 33 years who she will be giving the photograph to. 

Elsie has a big personality and we had a chat about how she was one of 10 kids and that her mother was very good looking and was really good to them for having so many. She also told us that you need to treat yourself and she has her hair done once a week as her treat. 

Penelope told us she really enjoyed the experience and really made sure to say a heartfelt thank-you to me for taking her portrait, which was very heart warming for me!

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