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Engagement Photography session helpful hints

When it comes to having engagement photos taken, a lot of people can be a little lost as they may have not had professional photos taken since they were kids, if at all. These are some helpful hints Ive put together to help you get the most out of your engagement session. The same hints can mostly be said for any couple shoot 🙂

1. Talk to your photographer about what sort of images you are after. You’ve heard me say this one before but it is very important. This could mean you have a specific place in mind for the photo, that you are wanting something printed on canvas, you really want a close up of the ring, you mainly like black and white photos or simply that you like traditional photos (everyone looking at the camera) or contemporary photos (more casual style of photography).

2. Wear something that you feel comfortable in. If it isn’t something you would normally wear or you are too over dressed or under dressed for the conditions then it will come across in the photos and you might wish you’d just worn your converse instead of trying to balance in those 6 inch heels! If you wouldn’t normally wear matching white shirts and jeans down the street, you probably wont want them up on the wall for life.
3. Pick the right location, this could be a place that means a lot to you and your partner or just a place that you know has a lot of nice scenery that you enjoy.
4. Bring some makeup and a brush to touch up between shots, changing outfits is also a good idea to get variety out of your shoot.
5. I love having themes in my portrait sessions- check out this couple shoot with an Up! theme. If you have a theme you would like o incorporate, or even just a special prop let’s talk about how to make it work!
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Chicago visit to see Vivian Maier

I was talking about the visit to Chicago awhile ago on the blog and on Facebook and I have been really slow with getting these photos up, even on my Lomography page. The reason? Most of these Lomographs are a little blurry on my part, I should have taken a faster film because of the overcast weather and shooting inside, but the lab I took them to, which wasn’t my normal lab must have had problems with their machine and I have scratches, dust, spots and development splotches all over the negatives, which in most cases makes them look like they have another layer of blurriness over them but some I think it helps them to look even more like they were taken in the 60’s when Vivian Maier was taking photos in Chicago, which was the reason we were going to Chicago to see her first exhibition and why I decided to not take a digital camera. Even though some of them aren’t great, this is the kind of photography I love, going to a place I haven’t been before and shooting a series.

Taking a photo of my road trip buddy Tyler through one of Vivian Maiers viewfinders.

Check out the development splotches in the photo above!

Have you ever had a roll of film ruined by a lab?
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Tina and Alberts Engagement

One rainy day at the beginning of March I set off with the incredibly fun and down to earth couple into downtown London for their engagement session. Even though the weather never really eased off and they never complained as we walked around downtown looking for different locations to shoot. We really hit the jackpot when we went into Museum London and took some great silhouette photos near the huge windows they have showing off the city and through those we saw what looked like an Iceberg which we had to go check out. We headed into the Covent Garden market to have a ride on the horse, to go along with their country theme wedding, and right at the end I made them jump in puddles getting all wet. It was a lot of fun and it was an honor to photograph these two getting married last Saturday! Next week I’ll have part one of that!

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Making up for memory mondays..

So I guess I must have been too busy squirrel chasing yesterday to remember to do the Memory Monday post on time. So heres one to make up, and from only a week or so ago!

Very early on a Wednesday morning got together with my new Couchsurfing friend Tyler and road tripped it from here in London Ontario to Chicago Illinois. We saw all the major tourist attractions there, went to a jazz bar and ate some chicago deep slice pizza. The main purpose of the trip was to see Vivian Maier’s exhibition and because of that I decided I would ‘Leave the Digital grind behind‘ and take only film cameras. I’m still waiting on all the 120 film rolls to come back but these were from the Diana Mini color roll.

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Shooting a series

Since high school I have always thought of my photo taking as a series. I remember hearing the head of fine art when I was in my undergrad describing how once he started a series, It never ended, and to some degree I feel the same way. It is good when there is a way for it to come to an end of course, like for example the end of a trip.

During my time traveling Europe last summer I realized that I was making series, some without thinking about it, some that were continuations of other series I had done. I’ve already shared the ones on here of kids or of lovers but here is one a little less personal which was very well received when I put the photos on my facebook page.
The archways of Europe.

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Ballin’ Berlin

Ballin’ I know, I hate that word too but there is a serious lack of words in the English language at least which describe how awesome Berlin is. The city where anybody who’s anybody in the creative world wants to live at some stage this city and the stories and history that it has just needs to be seen. I was there for only 2 short days but man did I walk my butt off to get to see everything I could while I was there.

I have a lot of photos in this post so I wont talk for too long but I did a Sandemans free walking tour here also and we got to see a load of different historical sites and he pointed us in the way of many of the museums and galleries that were there. What amazed me was knowing how much of the city was completely bombed in the war and has been rebuilt basically from the ground up. We saw everything from the book burning site to where Hitlers bunker was- nothing more than a car park with a bit of a green patch – see the photo of the Aussie flag shoes, that is someone from my tour standing on it. The second day I did a street art tour with the same company which was pretty awesome seeing all the ‘underground’ places I know I wouldn’t see otherwise. I stayed at The Grand Hostel Berlin and it was the best hostel I stayed in for my whole trip.

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Memory Mondays Week 9

At the end of October last year I happened to see a link on Facebook that Hanson were doing a North America tour. When I realized where I was and that Detroit was 2 hours one way, Toronto was 2 hours another way or, if needed, New York was 8 hours another way I knew that the time had come and I had to see my 3 favorite singing brothers again.

The last time I saw them was in 2005 in Sydney for their Underneath tour and it was like a dream come true so I booked my Toronto ticket and got on a Greyhound at the end of November to go see them. I had a nice day walking around the city reminiscing about the last time I was there about 2 and a half years before with my best friend, I even went to the same sushi place for lunch. I checked out the new Lomography store there and one of my other favorites, Urban Outfitters.
At around 4pm Hanson made their way out of the buses and they held a ‘walk’ and I walked barefoot around the Toronto streets. A little later- after a very cold wait- we went inside and my camera wasn’t allowed in because it was professional, so it was lomography to save the day and I took some film photos but also went on this crazy little thing called the internet after the show and watched any number of videos or saw photos that I wasn’t able to take.
Hanson fans really are some of the most friendly people and it was fun talking to people around me, but like at most concerts at one point I had to go and sit down coz I felt faint but other than that it was an amazing show and I urge you to check out their new video ‘Give a little’ It really is one of the most upbeat songs i’ve heard in awhile and the video is awesome, check out their kids dancing! I’ve also written an article on the Lomography site about the new video!

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To post or not to post..

So I’m sitting here wanting to post some more of my photos that I took in Europe and also something to do with love coz, well, we’ve all heard those two words of what is happening on Monday enough by now so I wont say it again but I’d already posted all of my Europe street love photography a while back but I also had another folder which has a different kind of love, but still a very important one, of a parent and a child.

I’ve mentioned it before but when starting out my trip in the summer I went to an exhibition at the Tate modern about Voyeurism. I don’t know if it was because I had seen that exhibition or just because I always try and see whatever beauty is going on around me that I began to notice a lot of photos cropping up of children by themselves or with their parents. So here was my dilemma was if I should post these photos online or not. I have printed them in my book but that isn’t as seen as something like a blog post.

As you can obviously tell I decided that I feel like it is okay for me to post these photos. Street photographers have always taken photos of children and families without consent and even though times have changed with the invention of the internet from the days when street photography was born the ideal is still the same, to create that iconic image that will get you known, for good or for bad. I’m hoping that you will see the beauty in these photos as I do.

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I believe in a thing called love..

Just listen to the rhythm of my heart..

As i’ve mentioned before I Love street photography and while I was away from my love in Europe over summer I noticed, probably even more than normal the amount of love in the air. I decided to share this series with you for the season of loving and sharing. Although I wish it was like that all of the time.
While I was in London I went to see an exhibition at the Tate Modern on Voyerism, it was incredibly interesting, I got to see a lot of the work I had written essays on while at Art school and see bunch of photos I hadn’t seen before as well. A highlight was Nan Goldin‘s ‘Ballad of sexual dependancy’. Despite all of the negative connotations that go along with voyeurism and taking candid street photos of unknown people the exhibition inspired me to keep my camera to my face.
I learnt why they call Paris the city of love. I don’t know if it is just because that is what it is called so everyone plays up to it or if it has always been that way and that is why it is called that but It really is all around you there..

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I amore Paris (Part 2)

At the end of Paris part 1 I left you at the end of what was a very busy first day in Paris. On the second day we spent a good chunk of time in the Lourve, I again got in for a discounted price as I’m a UK citizen which still blows my mind. Following many travel books advice we mapped out the areas that we wanted to visit, we decided on all the Painting and hitting up the major sculptures. Through the France, Spain and last but not at all least Italy wings, being taken in the drifts of tourists towards the ‘Tourist attraction” works like the Mona Lisa and Venus de Milo. I enjoyed that you could take photos in most places of the museum but felt like hitting whoever was holding a camera to their face when I saw a flash go off.
I was lucky enough to get into the Centre Pompidou for free which was a good change of pace after the Lourve with all its old greats to going there to seeing the contemporary artists and there were actually a lot more works there that I had studied being a Photography/ Fiber art major. I was even lucky enough to get into an exhibition for free that should have cost extra that was called Dreamlands in which i saw a bunch of my favorite photographers.
The third day we were in Paris we went to Versailles to check out the Chateau, which it seemed thousands of other tourists decided to do the same thing that day which kept us waiting in lines for around 3 hours to get tickets and being swept through the rooms as quickly as possible so as to avoid the group tours. The hall of mirrors was a little bit underwhelming but the palace as a whole was just a crazy sight, If that was made in this day and age it would simply be classified as tacky and over-the-top but with having frescos by some great artists and that amount of gold leaf in there left me amazed. The only thing I was left wondering about the place was how much had been restored, what was new and what was fake. There were a few places where we noticed that some thing for example that was meant to originally have been marble was just painted to look like marble.
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