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Pet Photography London Ontario

Sure you have a bunch of photos on your phone of your dog with a funny expression or sleeping in a weird position but how many really nice photos do you have of yourself with your pet? When was the last time fall+pet+photography+springbank-5that you got dressed nicely and captured this furry friend and yourself interacting? So many times the answer to the last two questions are none/never. We am here to change that. Pet photography is one of the types of session we are most passionate about. Our pets aren’t on this earth as long as we are so capturing some really great portraits of them for you to have and also some great candid shots of you enjoying each other’s company are what we find my clients treasure most. Typically how a pet session works is we would go to a location with minimal distractions, while the energy is high we would get a bunch of candid playing shots, photographing any tricks they might do and getting some great action shots of them. Towards the end of the session we would capture a few more posed portraits and throughout the session we would try and capture as many of your pets different expressions as possible.

See Erin’s latest pet photography sessions. 


Selecting a location for a Pet photography session generally comes down to 2 options- ‘In Studio’ which is as simple as it sounds and ‘On location’ which can be a location of your choice be it your own home or backyard, a park or a variety of other fun ideas. Studio sessions are generally more formal, or themed for special occasions with props and ‘On Location’ sessions are generally a bit more relaxed and less posed, they allow for a lot more interactive shots of you and your pet running, jumping etc.

cat+photography+london+ontario-14Time of day

The best time of day for a pet photography session is when the location you would like to use is going to be most distraction-free, or doing the session in the hour before sunset can make for some gorgeous golden light in your portraits.


If you are going to be in the photographs with your pet it is good to think about what clothing to wear. Colours will depend on season but in general we recommend not to wear anything the same colour as your pet. Also try to not be too matchy-matchy but certainly colour co-ordinate and be aware of not wearing clashing patterns. If you have chosen a rustic country location don’t wear super formal clothing that you might wear in a studio. We recommend not to wear any slogan tshirts or any really ‘fad’ fashion as it will age your portraits and most of all wear something that fits well and you are comfortable in.


Props for these sessions can certainly be incorporated but are not necessary, however, anything from a simple blanket to cute shot of your pet in a bow-tie or tiara. We love working with themes so if there is a certain theme that would go well with the décor in your home or would express who you and your pet are, make sure to chat with me about how we can bring that into your session.

What to do with the images

Now, you’ve had this wonderful experience and have a bunch of images you know you will love, you don’t want these images looked at once digitally and then buried under the mountain of food and pet pics! We really love making special collages for pet sessions that can be printed in a large size and framed for your home. Otherwise making a special wood, metal or canvas print or a professional album can be a great way to preserve the photos and also make great gifts!

Other tips-

– Nothing is worse than a sick or tired birthday boy or girl so if this happens chat to me as soon as there are any signs so that rescheduling the session can be a possibility.engagement photography komoka-66

– We have lots of tricks for getting your pets attention but if there is a certain toy or ‘magic word’ be sure to let me know.

– Have your dog groomed before your portraits and don’t forget about what their collar and nails.

– If your dog is obsessed with a certain toy that will distract them from the session, please leave it in your car and at the end of the session we can incorporate it to capture your dogs interaction with it.

– If your dog has a lot of energy, going for a big walk before the session will allow us to be able to get a few sitting/laying down shots.


Pet Photography London ON Testimonial

Erin is a gem! She truly makes you feel comfortable while getting your photos taken. She is so good with catching dogs attention too. She comes prepared with dog treats and squeaky toys! We really enjoyed our time with Erin, and loved how quickly she had our photos back to us! I highly recommend Erin. We for sure will use her services again!

Special thanks to TJ Media Services for helping me with this behind the scenes pet photography video!

Pet photography London Ontario pricing starts at $150+hst

Special pet package
1 hour session
On location
20 high resolution images
5x7 & 8x10 print
5x7 20 page professional album
Pet goodie bag

Komoka pet photography Testimonial

Thanks so much Erin for taking Beautiful Fall pictures of my Doggies your creativity and patience with my dogs was incredible!!! It isn't easy trying to get 2 dogs to cooperate and she did such a great job!!!

Pup-Cake smash packages

collage wm



Do you have a fur baby with a birthday on the way or do you just want to celebrate your pets sweet tooth? Lets have some fun and capture your furry friend having the time of their life eating a doggy safe Pup-Cake from the amazing local Max’s Homemade Dog Treats. This session can be added onto your full pet photography session or can stand alone. Contact me now for a custom quote.


Cat photography London On Testimonial

Erin took photos of my kitten: her creativity & patience was incredible and the photos are the most adorable and beautiful things ever!

Gibbons Park Pet session Testimonial

Erin did a wonderful shoot of our beloved goldendoodle Ginger. Both my wife and I loved her use of shading and perspective, while at the same time, perfectly capturing the essence of our "fur child". Even though it was family and we would have been okay with a casual shoot, Erin was a consummate professional throughout the whole process