Business headshots and portfolios

Headshot-london-ontario-6.jpgbusiness-headshot-photography-london-ontario-23.jpgbusiness headshot london ontario-8_002.jpgbusiness-photography-london-ontario-9.jpgbusiness-Headshot-studio-photography-london-ontario-15.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-7-c70.jpgHeadshot-photographer-london-ontario-11.jpgBusiness-photography-london-ontario-3.jpgbusiness-Headshot-studio-photography-london-ontario-29.jpgextended-family-photography-london-ontario-33.jpgbusiness-headshot-photography-london-ontario-83.jpgstudio-business-photography-london-ontario-5.jpgbusiness-Headshot-studio-photography-london-ontario-23.jpgbusiness-headshot-photography-london-ontario-1.jpgbusiness-Headshot-studio-photography-london-ontario-3.jpgbusiness-Headshot-studio-photography-london-ontario-41.jpgbusiness-photography-london-ontario-27.jpgbusiness-headshot-london-ontario-19.jpgbusiness-photography-london-ontario-29.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-141.jpgbusiness-Headshot-studio-photography-london-ontario-21.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-143.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-15.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-24.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-21.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-244.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-249.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-255.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-346.jpgbusiness-headshot-london-ontario-13.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-351.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-23.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-353.jpgheadshot-photographer-london-ontario.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-358.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-3-c63.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-379.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-392.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-37.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-400.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-56.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-19.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-65.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-81.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-90.jpgErin Woodgate Photography- Shutterfest 2016- low res-97.jpgfamily-photographer-london-ontario-279.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-15.jpgfamily-photographer-london-ontario-285.jpgfamily-photographer-london-ontario-294.jpgHeadshot-photographer-london-ontario-19.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-10.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-29.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-4.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-5.jpgmodel-portfolio-photographer-london-ontario-20.jpgmodel-portfolio-photographer-london-ontario-27.jpgst-thomas-family-photographer-187.jpgstudio-business-photography-london-ontario-1.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-13.jpg385A1570-2.jpgbusiness-headshot-photography-london-ontario-15.jpgBusiness-photography-london-ontario-15.jpgstudio-headshot-photography-london-ontario-1.jpgfamily-photography-london-ontario-229.jpgbusiness-headshots-london-ontario-11.jpgbusiness-headshot-photography-london-ontario-25.jpgmodel headshots london 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portrait_002.jpgHeadshot-london-ontario-3.jpgportraits-london-ontario-photography-29.jpgHeadshot-london-ontario-7.jpgModel-Photography-London-Ontario-39.jpgHeadshot-london-ontario-9.jpgModel-Photography-London-Ontario-11.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-1.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-11.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-15.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-3.jpgHeadshot-photography-london-ontario-7.jpgModel-Photography-London-Ontario-14.jpgModel-Photography-London-Ontario-25.jpgstudio-headshot-photography-london-ontario-7.jpgstudio-headshots-london-ontario-11.jpgstudio-headshots-london-ontario-5.jpgbusiness headshot photography London Ontario-51 (13).jpgHeadshot-london-ontario-15.jpgheadshot-photography-london-ontario-3.jpgportfolio photography london ontario-13_002.jpgHeadshot photography london ontario-1.jpgmelissa jumpsuit_002.jpgbusiness-headshots-london-ontario-6.jpgFamily-photography-london-ontario-8.jpgHeadshot photography london ontario-4.jpgbusiness 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feather earrings_002.jpgModel with Halifax Skyline_002.jpgmodel winter trees_002.jpgnicole fanplastic_002.jpgModel with red necklace_002.jpgmodel tree pose_002.jpgmodel with peacock feathers_002.jpgpoint pleasant park portrait_002.jpgproduct photographer london ontario_002.jpgpin up photography london ontario-209_002.jpgraina the halifax mermaid erin woodgate _002.jpgriver phoenix shoot 11_002.jpgsenior hs heather court house_002.jpgsilhoette model london ontario_002.jpgsenior hs heather jump_002.jpgriver phoenix shoot 7_002.jpgthe entrance portrait photographer_002.jpgTiffany with a bouquet _002.jpgTiffany_002.jpgsunstreams with model_002.jpgvintage landscape model_002.jpgactors headshot london ontario_002.jpgportfolio photography london ontario-37_002.jpghair styling entry london ontario_002.jpgseniors session_002.jpgstudio photography with model_002.jpgalternative model photography london ontario_002.jpgstudio shoot london ontario_002.jpgstudio shoot london ontario_002.jpg

Headshot/ Portfolio Photography London Ontario

Business Headshots are usually done because of a need for an updated photo for a business card, website or other advertising. It is so important in our world now where everyone shops online for products and services to make a good first impression with high quality images. No matter what you are selling, as people buy people, making a good first impression could mean all the difference! I keep headshots and model portfolios as quick and easy for you as possible but are some things to keep in mind for your business headshot London Ontario photography session.

business headshot london ontario-17Location

Typically these sessions are done in studio but if you are going for a less formal approach they can be done outside at a location of your choice.


If you are doing the headshot session because of a need for a certain event, the thing to think about is when you would be able to do the session around your schedule, the sooner the better to allow time for editing the images. Also think about if you plan on drastically changing your hair or other features anytime in the near future as it might be better to wait until you have done that so that you are still recognizable in your photo. These sessions typically have a quick turnaround time for editing.

Hair and Makeup

We cannot stress the importance of having a high quality hair and makeup artist for your headshot session. A professional will be able to bring out your features and will know how to apply the makeup so that it will look good on camera but also keep it natural enough so that you are still recognizable.  Fake tanner is a personal choice but I recommend not to use it unless you have had a trial run and know how your skin reacts to it, nothing worse than having to have the whole shoot in black and white because you don’t like the colour of your skin!


We recommend that you have a few options in regards to clothing so that if a certain option is not really working, you have another choice as a backup.  Generally, I would start with something a bit formal like a suit, and suggest you bring along a change of tie or shirt for variety in the shots. Bringing a casual outfit is optional. For colours, I recommend that you bring at least one black outfit and one outfit that is uniquely “your style” as far as the colour is concerned.
Business photography London Ontario-2


Most of the time if a prop is being used in a headshot session it has a relation to your profession, for example if you are a baker bringing a tray of cupcakes and cute apron or if you are a musician bringing your musical instrument.

What to do with the images

You will receive both the high resolution and low resolution images. Headshot and product sessions are the only types of session that I don’t require the image with the watermark to be used online, however if you want to send a link back to my website I would be very grateful. These images can be used in advertising, on business cards and on social media.

Other tips-

– Bringing a variety of accessories can add variety to your session

– Be sure to send me any requirements that you may have- for example sometime it is required that the portrait be taken on a white background, or that you need a full body shot.

– Yes, I give receipts so that it can be claimed as a business expense!

Business Headshot Testimonial

Totally impressed with my recent head shot from Erin ~ very professional and she works to get the most flattering photo ... getting lots of compliments on it.

Model Agency Photos Testimonial

Thank you Erin Woodgate for some amazing shots of Emily... I send the shots in to the agency and they called us the next day! The first time we sent our own pictures, we didn't even get a reply. The testament to professional photos!! Erin is a HUGE part of our success!!

Headshot pricing starts at $125+hst

Special Headshot package
Professional hair and Makeup
1 hour session
3-4 wardrobe changes
On location/In Studio
5 high resolution images

Model photography London Ontario Testimonial

I'm always nervous meeting new photographers but Erin was super-friendly and easy going which made the shoot a lot of fun! She was professional and had wonderful ideas to capture beautiful winter scenes. I was so happy with the finals! She creatively used all that we had at our disposal, from snowy trails, bare branches, the open river with ducks, and even someone's husky! (with their permission of course!) It's clear that Erin's extremely talented and passionate about photography - if minus 20 weather doesn't affect this Aussie's zest for a shoot, I doubt anything will. I highly recommend her if you're in need of an amazing photographer.

Model Portfolio session Testimonial

I had a lot of fun shooting with Erin, she was professional and fun at the same time. She made me feel super comfortable and I loved the shots. She is extremely talented and captures amazing shots with perfect timing! I would definitely recommend her for anyone looking to get photographs taken!